May 13, 2016

1st Hypnobirth Class with Nadine Ghows

Experiencing my 3rd pregnancy is not an excuse for me to have the high level of anxiety and fear of giving birth. Giving birth is not only about breathe the baby out but my main concern is to ensure that the baby is safe and healthy and as for the mother (me lah tu), the birth experience should be gentle and with no / at least minimal traumatic incidents.

I've given birth to 2 kids. And, experienced both the easiest birth and the hardest! Long hours in labour room for my 2nd birth, has given me the distressing ideas of giving birth. Mainly due to too much of intervention, especially nurses VE, insertion of urine tube, episiotomy and intact procedures which personally make the experience of giving birth really stressful.

Therefore, for this 3rd pregnancy, I've made a research on gentle birth experiences from the Gentle Birth Group Malaysia which is hosted by Nadine Ghows, a doula and educator for Hypnobirth. It is really inspiring to read other parents' experience on gentle birth and learning their personal hypnobirth techniques. And it has heartened me to experience gentle birth for this time. So, I've registered myself to Nadine's hypnobirth class. And, last Sunday on 1st May, me and my husband started our 1st class with Nadine.

After my 1st class, there are few new lessons that we have learned;

Hypnobirth is not about Homebirth

Yes, both start with letter H. But hypnobirth and homebirth are two totally different situation. Definition of Hypnobirth is a hypnosis technique used while giving birth. Homebirth on the other hand is giving birth at home.

Hypnobirth stressed on the mother, which emphasize on the focus point of the mother while giving birth as to reduce intense surge and ease the process of releasing the pelvic muscle to allow the baby out gently. Hypnobirth technique can be applied while giving birth in the hospital. It is just a technique, not in a condition of giving birth at home.

Feeling of fear may be one of the reason for long hours labour

I always told myself or even my friends that I'm not fear of giving birth. But without me realizing it, I am actually extremely fear of labour. I remember during my 2nd birth, I told my husband, that somehow I feel afraid of experiencing the surge and the pain to breath the baby out and mostly I'm afraid of getting the stitches! Now only I realized that, because of the fear that I have, the pain is even unbearable and the hours of labour is durable.

Fear can result with tension. The tense from the mother may bring about the cause of the pelvic muscle to be stressed. Due to the stressed, the pelvic muscle which supposedly naturally expands obstructed and brought about the conflict between stretching and shrinking. And then comes the unbearable pain. So today, I really need to fade away the fear within myself. And I really hope, that throughout my hypnobirth classes I will have the confidence and both mentally and physically are ready for the process.

Benefiting from sujud / polar bear position

Sujud / polar bear position relaxes the cervix by removing pressure from it. Spending time in this position encourage the baby to move towards the top of our uterus and up towards our lungs. Then, the baby will have an opportunity to move into a space facing outward position. Subhanallah, every movement in our solat is benefiting us in many ways.

And those are among the new lessons I've learned in my first class with Nadine. I'm looking forward for the next classes and getting myself ready for the birth date. And throughout my pregnancy, In shaa Allah, I'll try my best to finish reading my hypnobirth book; The Mongan method.

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