September 15, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Aisha! Her 1 year Journey.


As some of you may know, we have such a joyful family moment when Aisha turns 1 year old. It's cliche to say that I can still feel the pain or it feels like yesterday when we were in the labour room waiting for her arrival. But, they are all true. Even when she turns 2, 3 or 20, I might say the same thing.

September 3, 2015

I really don't want to say goodbye to any of you people


So, today marks the day that I will leave my favourite people at the office. This time around, I feel very difficult to say goodbye, especially when one has spent a long time inside a character or two or more, suffering and celebrating with them.
It is amazing how being in the office became fun when you all were around. Thank you for being a listener, a motivator and a good friend of mine. You all will be missed.