September 15, 2011

BusyWorld #6

typical Melayu kerja. malang!

mereka memandang kepada senioriti 'berapa lama aku kerja sini'. too bad lah. this kind of mentality yang most of the PLC company would avoid.

kerja sambil lewa, lepak borak sana sini. and then, when it comes to salary, bonus, too much complaints. kena ikut productivity you la sister!

working as a Risk & Compliance exec really show me the real attitude, the real scenery, the real scenario of all. this is experience. i don't mind bila that kakak kakak yang asyik lepak-lepak tu duduk cakap pasal i baru kerja la, pakai baju ini itu la. urgh!

i am the center of attraction nampaknya.! proud of that! and will prove to u typical kakak-kakak, i am superior good tau. see my kembang nose ok??

September 5, 2011

Heart Game #17

I am a great listener, but when it comes to my own conflicts, I tend to keep to myself

Heart Game #16

In the end, you're just a typical guy dragging a girl along cause you're not really sure what you want.

Heart Game #15

It kills me to know that you might not feel the same way about me as I feel about you.