April 23, 2015

D'Armonia Homestay Putrajaya


Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

Harini nak share sikit. Pernah masa I plan nak pergi Langkawi haritu, rasa macam leceh sangat nak cari hotel sebab ada yang overbudget la, ada yang murah tapi hotel macam jauh tak selesa semua. Lepas tu, I baca cerita-cerita blogger lain, ramai yang cadangkan, kalau nak pergi jalan-jalan atau holiday lebih baik cari homestay! Katanya, lebih murah, boleh bawa segerombolan keluarga, pastu sumbat satu rumah. And indeed, all of above is true.  

So, sekarang kalau jalan-jalan, I try cari homestay dulu. Sebab kebanyakannya menawarkan penginapan yang selesa, harga pun memuaskan serta cukup segala keperluan. 

Sebab tu, harini I nak share satu homestay yang best di Putrajaya, dikenali sebagai D'Armonia Homestay Putrajaya. 

Wide-view homestay D'Armonia

April 21, 2015

Lissencephaly and Muhammad Irfan


Everytime, whenever I tried to post about Irfan's health condition, it took me a while to write then delete the post and write again. It was just so hard for me. I'm worried if by sharing about Irfan, people may think that I'm in need of symphaty or not being redha with his condition.

But seriously, my intention is to share my experience raising a child with lissencephaly and get connected with new people throughout the world. Please, don't judge me from my writing.

April 3, 2015

Already April? Let's see how March has treated us..


Tak dapat peluang pun nak update aktiviti kami in March. *sigh BUT! In short, I'm seriously deeply in love with March because March has treated me and family so well. *dramasangat

One of our best moments in March is obviously the weekend that we spent at The Kabin, Jeram. Ya Allah, teori The Kabin simple je, yet the ambiance still memukau. Get me? 

Actually, I heard about The Kabin since last year in November from my colleague. I tengok je website The Kabin terus macam 'wooooaaaahhhhh'. And right away, I quickly planned when to go there. From there I decided to celebrate my parents and husband's birthday at The Kabin.