April 3, 2015

Already April? Let's see how March has treated us..


Tak dapat peluang pun nak update aktiviti kami in March. *sigh BUT! In short, I'm seriously deeply in love with March because March has treated me and family so well. *dramasangat

One of our best moments in March is obviously the weekend that we spent at The Kabin, Jeram. Ya Allah, teori The Kabin simple je, yet the ambiance still memukau. Get me? 

Actually, I heard about The Kabin since last year in November from my colleague. I tengok je website The Kabin terus macam 'wooooaaaahhhhh'. And right away, I quickly planned when to go there. From there I decided to celebrate my parents and husband's birthday at The Kabin.
I was so happy, seeing them so happy spending our weekend there. And most importantly they were so surprised with the cake that I've ordered for them. It's their favourite carrot cake! I order dari officemate I, and then dia buat delivery service terus ke The Kabin. Best service ever!
this is the cake! looks super deli kannn...

Konsep The Kabin ni macam rumah dalam kabin. First impression I macam, 'Hahhhh?? Macam mana nak tinggal dalam kabin?'. Imaginasi I pulak macam dikelilingi besi buruk karat-karat ada bunyi 'kreeekk kreekk' macam dalam horror movie tu.. But turns out, the room is nice, very cozy siap ada tv with astro, aircond, katil empuk and of course hot shower.. 

picture of them with the background view of our kabin

Honestly, I consider price range The Kabin ni, macam range 4/5 star hotel. Tapi with the facility and ambience provided, I rasa okayyy laaa.. Try la.. Sbb surprisingly, mama macam nak pergi lagi ajak my brothers and family sekali.. I pun, okkkaaayyyyy.. 

Well, with the surprises seems menjadi I rasa puas sangat. I love you all so much.  
March babies !!!

macam-macam sangat keletah budak-budak ni..

 both kids are in the same position. so coincidence.

i look pretty in both pictures. Husband is trying to look cute. Irfan is tired of taking pictures. Aisha as usual with her Kak Long kawasan action.

 the pool. so nice, so clean.
that's the reception area and events room

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