August 30, 2010

Trip Tanpa Restu..

A funny yet one of my favourite trip that I would like to share with. Nak dijadikan cerita, I yg beria plan trip ke Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah ni. Since da lama gila tak pergi sana sejak grad diploma. 

Asalnya, nak pergi berdua dgn Fandy. Tapi rasanya kalau ajak ramai-ramai mesti lagi best. The more the merrier kan?

Fandy then invited his UiTM classmates and I on the other side invited my schoolmates. They are Akmal, Amirul, Afiq, Qyqy and Eja.

Long story short. Kitorang semua janji jumpa dekat Shah Alam Seksyen 7, since masing-masing setuju gerak naik satu kereta je. Which is, kereta Akmal, and kitorang gelar kereta Naza tu, Ikan Paus. Haha! (mmg nampak mcm ikan paus kan?)

Arriving Melaka at around 2.30 pm. Terus melepak dekat Dataran Pahlawan. Some went shopping, us go dating, others just following. 

We get plenty of time snapping pictures (as you can see...)

It is almost breakfasting time, and everyone gets really hungry!! (no kidding!) Pilihan majoriti, Chicken Rice Shop! 

We eat, we laugh, we story telling. We were having fun back there. (after all the hardwork in college!!)

Malam pun tiba, gigih lagi hati nak berjalan-jalan keliling kota bersejarah tu. So, Fandy and I mmg excited nak perkenalkan our favourite Baba Nyonya food stall dekat Jonker Walk. 

Seriously!!! Tutup!!! Kecewa sampai pengsan. 

Kekecewaan tu kitorang ubatkan dengan aktiviti lewat malam iaitu berkaraoke! I tak ingat tempat tu dipanggil apa. But it somewhere nearby Mahkota Parade.

However fellow readers!!! That is just not all!! We decided to go back to KL at around 2 am. On our back home, something had happened!! For us, it is a payback of our sin for not informing our parents about our trip!! Haha! Funny!!

Apa jadi???!!!

Ikan Paus Akmal kecundang di TENGAH-TENGAH highway!! 2km before arriving R&R Ayer Keroh! Ia boleh gerak, tapi 20 km/h je!!! What say you?? Fun enough? 

We called PLUS RONDA, after checking rupanya gearbox rosak. How sad is that? And Akmal thought that the car is covered by Kurnia. Called Kurnia, they said NOT IN THE LIST!! Rupanya covered by ETIQA! Called them but no one is picking up the line! Lastly, Akmal call his parents. And we were rescued by his mom and dad the next day. 

It was a tiring trip we were having and most event that could never been forgotten.
But after all, we all had fun!! 

August 17, 2010

Setahun Kemudian..



In my last entry, I was talking about how excited I am waiting for today to come, our 1st year of engagement anniversary. Yeay! I am feeling blessed and overwhelmed! So, for today we don't have any specific plans. We decided to spend our day together (since its fasting month too lets make it simple) to the place where we first meet, Bukit Bintang area. Hiks.
I woke up early (I can't even believe I've made it!!), super early, that spirit and enthusiasm I tell you. Haha! So, I picked him up since his car is down with whatever-it-called, car problem. We drive to Bukit Bintang area and park the car. 

At first, I was planning for me and him to go separate ways and finding the right present for each other. Yes, even though it's such a crazy idea, we still did it. More crazy idea comes into the way is to go to the Sogo (by train) and back to Bukit Bintang after shopping. haihhh! Unfortunately, after an hour, we still can't find each other's present. Because of that, we just shut the idea down and decided to meet each other somewhere at the mall and shopping together. Haha! 

Right after that, we quickly catch the next train to Bukit Bintang and drive to Tupai-Tupai Restaurant for our break-fasting. (For a quick review, I strongly agree that the food were really nice and there are variety of food section. The price for Ramadhan Buffet is only RM45.)

And that was the story. 

To you Mr. Effandy. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for anything, especially for your patience on me. I hope this relationship will last forever and we will get through our days to come together with love and faith. Stay with me, and hold my hands. Please, don't let me fall. Happy Anniversary, love!

August 5, 2010

Almost A Year!!

Alhamdulillah. Hampir setahun sejak kami bertunang. Sekejap je rasa. 
To be honest, I don't have plans. For me, spending the day with him will be the best way to celebrate our engagement anniversary. Because by just having him around can make me happy, what more if celebrating the day with what-not romantic dinner. Hiks!

Since I miss the moment we had during our engagement day, I am posting some of my pictures.
My dress, mini pelamin and make up is by Azue Bridal.

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