January 30, 2015

Kenapa si dia tak tolong jaga anak-anak


Rasa stress tak bila orang lain semua cerita perihal si dia yang rajin babysitting anak-anak, dan dorang boleh luangkan masa bersendirian kat shopping mall atau cafe tapi tidak kita? Saya share sikit harini, nape si dia tak nak tolong jaga anak-anak.

January 27, 2015

His kind of patience that I adore so much.


Patience is a very subjective topic to be talked about. Everyone (surely) has different opinions (and arguments of course!) with regards to the limit of patience that someone should hold. 

Personally, I do believe that as a human we should not set a limit of patience, where everyone must have the nature of sabr / patience. Unfortunately, I do have my limits but at present I am trying to improve my sabr. 

However, there is someone, someone that lived with me and has the nature of sabr. And he is my husband. 

He, can stand forever accompanying me shopping eventhough he is not buying anything for himself. 
He, will not be angry when he finds me sleeping while he is taking care of our babies eventhough he is tired.
He, can wait for my long-hours of eating time eventhough he is hungry as well.
He, can just listen to my nagging and my emotional outbursts (for hours at times) but still can make me smile after that.
And more to mention..

Sometimes, I don't understand how he can tolerate with all those and can still stay calm and be cool, and even can make me smile. Because in my opinion, it's the littlest things that can always make people feel mad, angry and dissatisfied when they are tired and unrest. 
Well, another person I know that have this nature of sabr, is my Dad. And someone has told me that, to find a husband, you should find someone like your father. And, I think I nailed it. Hiks.

January 20, 2015

Tips ambil gambar babies


Ambil gambar budak-budak memang sangat addictive. I mean, even professional photographers do like taking pictures of newborn and children. However, capturing them in great moment always and will forever be a challenge. But mommies, not to worry, challenge accepted!!

But yes! Akan sentiasa ada teknik dan tips nak ambil gambar budak-budak ni. Mana kan tidak, setiap 1 saat, daripada tadi senyum, tiba-tiba dah menangis, daripada meniarap dah terlentang. Fuhhh!!
Oleh tu, jom kita ramai-ramai cuba tips ni, dan dapatkan moment terbaik mereka..

Tak kira lah hari tersebut akan duduk kat rumah seharian atau akan keluar berjalan-jalan, pakaikan saja baju yang bergaya dan cantik. Sebab bila dah pakai baju cantik ni, senang, datang je moment tu, terus snap!

Budak-budak sentiasa dengan mood swing dia. Tapi akan sentiasa ada saat yang mereka akan relax dan menggembirakan hati. Contohnya bila bangun dari tidur atau selepas makan ataupun selepas mandi. Bila mereka senang hati, senang nak get into the mood, time tu, terus snap!

Toys boleh daripada yang ada music atau yang berwarna-warni atau kombinasi keduanya. Mulakan dulu sesi bersama mainan, sampai lah fokus mereka tertumpu pada mainan tu. Pastikan bawa je kemana-mana mainan, sebab bila sampai je fokus budak-budak ni, terus snap!

Jangan lah sesekali kamera tertinggal atas meja ke dapur ke dalam kereta ke. Kat mana sahaja, bawa! Sebab, kat mana-mana pun boleh terus snap! 

Haaa.. Senang tak? 4 tips mudah ni je saya selalu buat bila nak ambil gambar Irfan & Aisha. Antaranya, sesi 'pengambaran' hari Ahad haritu.. Hihi..


January 12, 2015

Tak boleh 'brain' benda macam ni.


While preparing Aisha's milk earlier this morning, scrolling my instagram timeline, I saw a post from Nora Danish (below picture). You see.. Anything or everything that someone post about children just make my heart pounding hard. I just know, this must be about....
Child abuse!

I can't imagine how could someone become so violent towards that tiny-cute little baby. Come on people! Look at their eyes, and see them through your heart, you can only see happiness. Don't you?

Please friends, family, relatives or whoever reading this. Have a heart towards children. If you don't have one, develop one. They don't deserve to have bruises, bleeding nose or whatever more inhumanity acts. 

Please.. Don't do this to them.. Please..

January 9, 2015

She is 4 months old today. Let's see where she is now..


Time flies so fast! I still can feel the excitement and of course the pain in labour. And today Aisha is 4 months old. And of course, I have been taking lots of pictures and videos of her because I believe that the way she looks and acts today will be very different tomorrow, next week, and next month. 

So.. How is she doing today?

She now moves a lot more than before. She loves to do cycling movement with her legs and her kicks are quite hard at times. She has started to roll over from her back to her front and lift her head at her 3 months (we cheered during her first roll over). And today, since she is now expert at that, she will do it every time we put her down (it is challenging nowadays to put her on cloth because she always wants to roll over. sigh!)

She will put everything that is in her hand into her mouth, (especially Embun, her favourite teddy). Otherwise, since we don't give her a pacifier, she will put both of her hands into her mouth. She can laugh and giggle, of course! The funny part is that she will start babbling before she falls asleep. She will make a sound like "aahh.. gaaahh.." and anyone that is holding her at that time must respond to her, only then she can sleep happily. Hahaha!

Sooo cute isn't she? 
gambar ni masa Aisha berjaya roll over untuk kali ke 3, a month ago.

January 7, 2015

His recent emotional development that caught our attention


Still remember my beautifully written story of our child from heaven, Irfan? "Muhammad Irfan, a story of a beautiful boy of us.." Just a quick recap for those who still do not know of his health condition, Irfan was first diagnosed with microcephaly (a rare neurological condition in which an infant's head is significantly smaller than the heads of other children of the same age of his). After a year, he was then confirmed with lissencephaly (which his brain does not fold properly, a cause of having microcephaly). And so, because of the condition, his growth development is delayed, including his emotional development. 

But! Just recently, he has been showing reactions towards voices which we believe that his emotions has developed and ready to show them off!! Honestly, I am very thrilled with his new development! Why not?? It's huge!! Betul tak?? 

Seeing him smiling and giggle is considered now as a norm. He can already smile and giggle since a year ago. But for the past few days, he started to show how sad he is when we raised our voices. Take note please, we did not shout at him or shout towards one another. It was just during that particular time, my husband was calling for me from the toilet (and I was at the living room) with a loud voice while holding him. Ya Allah. He made that very funny sad face, and a second after he started crying, loud one! Haha! And it has happened 3 times. 

From that incident, we never raised our voices anymore. Because looking at him with that sad face really touched my heart. I just don't want him to feel sad, not anymore. At the same time, I am so happy to witness the progress. 

January 5, 2015

To have a pure heart is my 2015 life goal..


2015 kini dah menyapa. It has been 26 years I'm breathing freely. But I don't feel I'm getting enough of knowledge, of experience and of everything! 

Naaa.. Here comes my philosophy mood.. 

To be honest, I don't feel at peace yesterday. And so, I ask for a friend's help yesterday. Entah kenapa. tapi dia dah jadi my heart advisor sejak sekolah lagi. Ya Allah, I'm so thankful to have her as a friend. Susah nak dapat seorang yang macam ni tau.

To cut everything short, I would say that yesterday's conversation is about heart. Hati yang suci, which at this second, I don't think I have one. Definisi hati yang suci yang paling sesuai untuk saya ialah antaranya redha dan bersyukur. 

I honestly admit that there are times when I look at someone's life, I was like 'Oh, seronoknya jadi macam dia.. Kalaulah....' Astaghfirullahalazim. I am guilty and I have sinned. Sebab bila saya dah 'kalau', maka saya tak redha dan bersyukur! 

And so, I repent for the things that I've done wrong. Betapa kerdilnya hamba Allah ni, terlalu menimbun dosa sehingga terasa diri ini tak layak ke syurga-Nya. Lantas hati ini bernekad untuk melangkah ke proses penyucian hati. Subhanallah. Walau hanya dengan niat, ia merubah segala. 

In shaa Allah, if Allah wills it. I want to be a better person, a better wife, a better mom, a better child, a better friend and a better muslim. What I have said or done yesterday, or a day before yesterday, or last month, last 3 months, last year, or last 3 years, that have hurt someone's feelings, I am sorry. Today is a new day for me. And I will get things right. Slowly but surely. In shaa Allah. 

She gave me this yesterday. And alhamdulillah, I think I'm getting better. Thank you..