January 27, 2015

His kind of patience that I adore so much.


Patience is a very subjective topic to be talked about. Everyone (surely) has different opinions (and arguments of course!) with regards to the limit of patience that someone should hold. 

Personally, I do believe that as a human we should not set a limit of patience, where everyone must have the nature of sabr / patience. Unfortunately, I do have my limits but at present I am trying to improve my sabr. 

However, there is someone, someone that lived with me and has the nature of sabr. And he is my husband. 

He, can stand forever accompanying me shopping eventhough he is not buying anything for himself. 
He, will not be angry when he finds me sleeping while he is taking care of our babies eventhough he is tired.
He, can wait for my long-hours of eating time eventhough he is hungry as well.
He, can just listen to my nagging and my emotional outbursts (for hours at times) but still can make me smile after that.
And more to mention..

Sometimes, I don't understand how he can tolerate with all those and can still stay calm and be cool, and even can make me smile. Because in my opinion, it's the littlest things that can always make people feel mad, angry and dissatisfied when they are tired and unrest. 
Well, another person I know that have this nature of sabr, is my Dad. And someone has told me that, to find a husband, you should find someone like your father. And, I think I nailed it. Hiks.

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