January 7, 2015

His recent emotional development that caught our attention


Still remember my beautifully written story of our child from heaven, Irfan? "Muhammad Irfan, a story of a beautiful boy of us.." Just a quick recap for those who still do not know of his health condition, Irfan was first diagnosed with microcephaly (a rare neurological condition in which an infant's head is significantly smaller than the heads of other children of the same age of his). After a year, he was then confirmed with lissencephaly (which his brain does not fold properly, a cause of having microcephaly). And so, because of the condition, his growth development is delayed, including his emotional development. 

But! Just recently, he has been showing reactions towards voices which we believe that his emotions has developed and ready to show them off!! Honestly, I am very thrilled with his new development! Why not?? It's huge!! Betul tak?? 

Seeing him smiling and giggle is considered now as a norm. He can already smile and giggle since a year ago. But for the past few days, he started to show how sad he is when we raised our voices. Take note please, we did not shout at him or shout towards one another. It was just during that particular time, my husband was calling for me from the toilet (and I was at the living room) with a loud voice while holding him. Ya Allah. He made that very funny sad face, and a second after he started crying, loud one! Haha! And it has happened 3 times. 

From that incident, we never raised our voices anymore. Because looking at him with that sad face really touched my heart. I just don't want him to feel sad, not anymore. At the same time, I am so happy to witness the progress. 

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