January 9, 2015

She is 4 months old today. Let's see where she is now..


Time flies so fast! I still can feel the excitement and of course the pain in labour. And today Aisha is 4 months old. And of course, I have been taking lots of pictures and videos of her because I believe that the way she looks and acts today will be very different tomorrow, next week, and next month. 

So.. How is she doing today?

She now moves a lot more than before. She loves to do cycling movement with her legs and her kicks are quite hard at times. She has started to roll over from her back to her front and lift her head at her 3 months (we cheered during her first roll over). And today, since she is now expert at that, she will do it every time we put her down (it is challenging nowadays to put her on cloth because she always wants to roll over. sigh!)

She will put everything that is in her hand into her mouth, (especially Embun, her favourite teddy). Otherwise, since we don't give her a pacifier, she will put both of her hands into her mouth. She can laugh and giggle, of course! The funny part is that she will start babbling before she falls asleep. She will make a sound like "aahh.. gaaahh.." and anyone that is holding her at that time must respond to her, only then she can sleep happily. Hahaha!

Sooo cute isn't she? 
gambar ni masa Aisha berjaya roll over untuk kali ke 3, a month ago.

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