October 7, 2016

Of Me Being Stubborn with the Doctor during Labour - Hypnobirthing


The birth story of our 3rd baby. Happy reading!!!
It's a sunny Saturday, it's hot and I'm sweating (common pregnancy symptom). I just want to stay at home and be lazy. Weirdly, I'm feeling hungry almost every hour, I keep drinking and eating whatever is available in the Kitchen (while still can, they said. hee~). You know, since I passed my due date, I have less appetite than before. Even though, I had a really good night's sleep for the past few days (thanks to my acupuncturist), but today, I'm feeling exhausted! And so, I just sit on the couch and watch tv.

September 11, 2016

One is great, Two is Fun and why not add another ONE?!


Wishing everyone a good day. Well, our pregnancy is not a secret anymore, pictures of me being pregnant have been posted (obviously by me, myself) in facebook and instagram. Hihi! Honestly, despite of being aware of all the future challenges that we are going to go through after delivery, we are also excited to welcome our 3rd little bundle of joy. In shaa Allah, we are expecting a little girl soon.

Raya 2016


Ampun maaf sangat-sangat, please don't get irritated with my overdue Raya post. Dah musim haji dah pun kan. Haha!! Sejak ada rombakan dekat office dan pertukaran job scope, kerja macam tak pernah habis, tak dapat nak luangkan masa dengan blogging.