June 20, 2016

5th Hypnobirth Class with Nadine Ghows

The final class with Nadine is finally here. And ironically, we arrived late. Sigh. When we arrived, Nadine already started the class with birth video. You know, when I entered the house and knowing that this will be the last class for us, make me feels gloomy. Because I love all the classes, get to learn about my body, the baby's ability and also the beauty about birth itself.

May 30, 2016

4th Hypnobirth Class with Nadine Ghows

4th class with Nadine was the most emotional class I've attended so far. I was surprised with my own self too for crying during the class. Without me realizing it, I am currently struggling with my own self in making the best decision for me and the baby.

May 24, 2016

3rd Hypnobirth Class with Nadine Ghows

Our 3rd class with Nadine is the class that I've been waiting for. We've discussed on the mind and physical/body preparation for the birth day. This topic has strengthened my belief that early preparation including physical movements and mentally readiness throughout pregnancy has a strong correlation with the birth process itself.