April 24, 2016

Family Trip Musim Panas ke Cameron Highlands


I always said to myself that I will blog at least once in a week. But, obviously that doesn't happen. Sigh. Blogging for me nowadays seems to be very hard. You know, hal kerja, suami, anak-anak dan other personal things, are the reasons that limits my time to blog.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing just great. Terutamanya dengan cuaca kebelakangan ni yang panas lepas tu kadang-kadang jerebu. Just remember to keep the body hydrated by drinking more than a lot of water. And keep the kids hydrated too. At times, saya pun terpaksa memaksa Irfan & Aisha minum air kosong. *Sorry sayangs

So, today's story is about our family trip to Cameron Highlands, recently in March. Definitely we expect for cool weather and clean air. We went there right after the school holiday ends. Strategi tau, trafik tak sibuk dan tempat-tempat nak dilawati pun tak ramai. It's kind of our impromptu trip.