May 26, 2015

To feel fully content is to be in love

Assalammualaikum and hello

More often in life, we've been continuously searching for our inner self. Truth to be told, graduated with honoured degree, employed with a high pay job, owned an expensive car, changing phones regularly and chilling in a high-class coffee house make us feel fulfilled and content on the outside, but for some reasons we have yet to feel content in ourselves.

Keep calm and take a chill pill with Mo.Bra

May 25, 2015

Manjakan anak boleh ke?


Serius cepat masa berlalu sekarang ni. Sedar macam tak je Aisha dah nak masuk 9 bulan. Setiap hari tengok dia membesar dengan perangai yang macam-macam tu, tercalit rasa seronok. Sampaikan kadang tu, macam tak percaya. Sebab diberi peluang untuk rasa pengalaman pembesaran anak normal, yang seiring dengan 'milestone' harus secara medikal nya. Syukur, sebab atas nikmat apa lagi yang kita nak dustakan. 

May 21, 2015

Introducing Mo.Bra

Assalammualaikum and hello!

Women! How complex a woman can be? I believe only woman understands other women. We are so particular of choosing the right outfit at the right time for the right person. Even spending your days at home can be so stressful because of it is so hard to start your day when you can't find the right shirt and comfy pants to wear throughout the day.

May 20, 2015

This is for you. Congratulations love!


This post is specially dedicated to my bestfriend, my husband. I have congratulate him in person, but since writing is my thing, I would like to write this for you. 

May 19, 2015

Ke Krabi. Days well spent.

*Serius panjang post ni. 


I think I've covered enough of our experience in flight with babies to and from Krabi the other day. And received some other suggestions by mommies. And one of them is to have a travel logbook for babies. You know.. Macam bila kita bercinta ada simpan album resit, tiket wayang, gambar la apa semua.. Interesting gilaaa!!

So, the trip to Krabi has been planned since.. erm.. Last year in November-December. Involving me and my uni friends. All of us are married and have kids which of course are also joining the trip. Some of us, decided to bring along our parents and relatives.

May 11, 2015

Ke Krabi. In flight dengan babies..


Percutian melibatkan anak-anak selalunya mencabar. That was what I heard before we went to Krabi! Dalam hati, I am being denial and assured that the kids will behave as what and how I am thinking they will and surprisingly, they are!

Anyway, saya, family & kawan-kawan bercuti ke Krabi masa cuti hari pekerja 1 Mei haritu. Subhanallah, cantiknya Krabi dan nak pergi lagi kalau ada rezeki. Tapi saya nak cerita perihal kami anak-beranak dalam flight. Such an interesting experience since this is the babies' first time in flight. Eh, bukan dorang je.. Husband pun first time!! Hahaha.
why so serious????