May 26, 2015

To feel fully content is to be in love

Assalammualaikum and hello

More often in life, we've been continuously searching for our inner self. Truth to be told, graduated with honoured degree, employed with a high pay job, owned an expensive car, changing phones regularly and chilling in a high-class coffee house make us feel fulfilled and content on the outside, but for some reasons we have yet to feel content in ourselves.

Keep calm and take a chill pill with Mo.Bra

Looking back, I've been blogging since my days in university (it was a trend for everyone to have a blog back then). However, as I look back, I realize that I was trying to gain my self-esteem through receiving comments and feedbacks which that's just how I feel content on the outside. But my true inner calling was to be able to freely express my feelings. Blogging gave me a safe container to do just that. 

The point is that there is always an underlying reason of why we want something. And the key to feel content is to become aware of why we want that 'something' in the first place. But, to do that, we must ensure that the heart is fulfilled with love.

Love is a complex molecule in our heart. It is so common of knowing the existence of love between human. But, in actual fact, loving the Creator is the ultimate love which trying so hard to find a way to feel content is no longer needed because it will come naturally.

I really believe that when you have a decisive love towards the Creator, the love that you have for you, yourself, between humans and other creatures in this world will be fulfilled. And so, before you love someone or even love yourself, love your Creator first and He will lead your way. 

So take a chill pill and stay calm. Let us all find our true love with the Creator, believe in ourselves, spread the energy with your loved ones to make us feel fulfilled and content in ourselves. Because contentment can last a lot longer than happiness can. 

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