May 30, 2016

4th Hypnobirth Class with Nadine Ghows

4th class with Nadine was the most emotional class I've attended so far. I was surprised with my own self too for crying during the class. Without me realizing it, I am currently struggling with my own self in making the best decision for me and the baby.

May 24, 2016

3rd Hypnobirth Class with Nadine Ghows

Our 3rd class with Nadine is the class that I've been waiting for. We've discussed on the mind and physical/body preparation for the birth day. This topic has strengthened my belief that early preparation including physical movements and mentally readiness throughout pregnancy has a strong correlation with the birth process itself.

May 19, 2016

2nd Hypnobirth Class with Nadine Ghows

Following my 1st hypnobirth class with Nadine last Sunday (1st May 2016), I was so excited and looked forward for the 2nd class. Since I left the 1st class, I've been reading the Hypnobirthing book; the Mongan Method as recommended. And as I kept reading, my strong inner state was telling me, 'this is totally what I've been wanting for my birth'. I want a very calm, joyful and loving entrance for my baby. Birth should be an unforgettable moment, beautifully expressed and surrounded with wonderful people.

May 16, 2016

Budget Honeymoon Trip to Boracay


June 2016 is approaching and leaving the memories I have created in these past few months. How time flies. Seriously, there are so much to share but my main enemy today is time. While trying to cope with my new job, works are getting overloaded. Sigh. But this entry, I can't postponed it no more. It is too memorable to be kept as a draft.
So, last year in November, on our 4th wedding anniversary, my husband and I went to Boracay Island. If you have heard or read about Boracay's clear blue water and its white sand beach, trust me, they're all true. We personally yet to see any of its kind, until we've seen Boracay's. Subhanallah, indah!

May 13, 2016

1st Hypnobirth Class with Nadine Ghows

Experiencing my 3rd pregnancy is not an excuse for me to have the high level of anxiety and fear of giving birth. Giving birth is not only about breathe the baby out but my main concern is to ensure that the baby is safe and healthy and as for the mother (me lah tu), the birth experience should be gentle and with no / at least minimal traumatic incidents.