May 16, 2016

Budget Honeymoon Trip to Boracay


June 2016 is approaching and leaving the memories I have created in these past few months. How time flies. Seriously, there are so much to share but my main enemy today is time. While trying to cope with my new job, works are getting overloaded. Sigh. But this entry, I can't postponed it no more. It is too memorable to be kept as a draft.
So, last year in November, on our 4th wedding anniversary, my husband and I went to Boracay Island. If you have heard or read about Boracay's clear blue water and its white sand beach, trust me, they're all true. We personally yet to see any of its kind, until we've seen Boracay's. Subhanallah, indah!

As for the kids, we left them for 4 days and 3 nights with Umi, Atok and Bibik. And sadly, the kids didn't get affected by our absence, you know, like crying looking for us or anything like that. But, on the other note, that was relieving. We know that they were in a good care and we can enjoy our time in Boracay.
Our journey starts with tears because of leaving the kids
In terms of our expenses for 2 persons throughout this trip, it was not more RM 3,000. This includes flight tickets, accommodation, activities, foods, souvenirs, transportation and miscellaneous. Which for me, I'm satisfied. And I'll share with you the overall budget for the trip as below;

Travelling hours

However, travcelling to Boracay was really tiring. It took approximately 4 hours in-flight (KL - Kalibo), 2 hours of airport transfer from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan jetty, 15 minutes of boat transfer to Boracay Island and 10 minutes of tuk-tuk transfer to hotel. Literally, we took 1 day journey to reach the destination. By the rime we reached Boracay, it was already dark! Same journey applied on our 4th day of coming back home.
Long hours of travelling makes me want to snap this picture. 

Time variance

There's no much of time variance between Kuala Lumpur and Boracay. Only that the sun is rise and set 2 hours earlier than Kuala Lumpur's time.
Our last transportation to Boracay Island. And the time is 5.00 pm, it's already dark

As I've mentioned, the beach is too beautiful to be described. Mixed feelings weyh ~ crying-blessed-mesmerized-happiness overload. All in one. As some of you already know, Boracay is well-known with its White Sand beach; it is very happening at night with the street performances, the sand is white and soft, pub & restaurants are located along the beach and they have everything of what beach scene should offer. While on the other side of the beach, is the Bolabog beach, and it's totally the opposite of what's in White Sand Beach, they are very windy too and the main activity there is kite-surfing.
Sand castle in Boracay Island
A photo with the sailboat. Not interested of sailing
We were at Bolabog beach. As I've mentioned, its too windy!
Just you should know, White Sand beach area are divide with 3 stations. Station 1 (the first station) is more private, offers high rating hotels, clean and sandy. Station 2 (next station) is situated nearer to the shopping and food area, have average cleanliness and offers medium hotels rate. And for Station 3, they're a bit noisy, muddy area and offers cheap & budget hotel too. So, to choose your stay, depends on the preferences and budget. You should not be worried) about the distance because from 1 station to another station is not that far, you can either walk or rent a bicycle.
This is our stay. Club Boracay Apartelle in Bolabog Beach, 10 minutes walk to the White Sand Beach. The place is nice and very welcoming. 

Finding souvenirs

For shopping lovers, finding souvenirs are easy. We went to both popular D'Mall and D'Talipapa. But to look for a cheaper price, D'Talipapa is recommended.

Foods for Muslims is hard to find

Talking about the food makes me frustrated. So, the idea of food hunting in Boracay is to buy fresh sea foods from the 'pasar basah' in D'Talipapa. And then, bring them to any of your choose restaurant nearby to cook your favourite dish. Interesting~ However, for us, the Muslim people, halal restaurant is very limited.

It's not even cheap though. But the sea foods are fresh. And we were so happy to be able to taste beautifully the cooked fresh scallop, squid and fish. Often seen big and fresh scallop in Masterchef, and finally we got to taste them.
Though it's hard to find muslim restaurant, we managed to enjoy the fresh seafoods, especially scallop.
Since finding halal food was challenging, we've prepared sardin and peanut butter from Kuala Lumpur for our breakfast. And yaa.. Until today, I don't favour food in Boracay.

Activities in Boracay

Despite the frustration we had with the food, we really had a very good time with all of the activities that we had in Boracay.

We've tried few activities that I never thought I could do. Some of it challenged my fears as a claustrophobia and acrophobia person. Among the activities were; helmet diving, parasailing, islang hoping and ziplining.
  • Helmet diving challenge my claustrophobia. We have to go down to the bottom of the ocean with their portable helmet for oxygen supply. I got panicked at first, so worried I might lose control and the helmet could get off from my head. But, after a while I managed to be calm and enjoy the scenery. I can see and touch nemo. Awwhh.. So cute.. And we fed the fish too

  • Parasailing is a mind-blowing experience. To get the chance to be able to fly high above the sea is a dream come true. It feels like everything that burdens me drops dramatically into the sea. Haha!

  • Ziplining was the scariest. I've never realized that for the past 27 years, I am actually afraid of heights. The rail is 600m long. I can't remember of how much swearing I did before I took off from the starting point. And for that, I repent. Despite the scary part, the scenery is spectacular. I have no regrets going through it

  • Island hoping on the other hand is my least favourite activity. Going for sight-seeing and snorkeling is so common. Among places we've visited were Cove Island and Puka Beach
Puka Beach

  • And finally, we went for a romantic beach walk. Walking from end to end while holding hands, talking crappy things, laughing and pinching towards each other, sit and watched people, and enjoy the sunset. It was so relaxing and calming

So, that is all. I think I've covered much. All in all, we had a great moment in Boracay. But, among all, I really appreciate the time we spent together. For the past 4 years of being a husband and wife, we've been carried away with house chores, taking care of the kids, works and we almost neglected our bases of marriage, which is love, trust, care and attention towards each other. 

And since that, the feelings that I have towards my husband is stronger that before. When I put my trust on him to hold me when we were up in the sky, he held me tight and provide me the assurance I've needed. When we were sitting silently appreciating the greatest creatures by the Almighty, he put me in his arms gently and it reminds me of how much love that we have that brought us to whom and where we are today. This man right here is my proud. I'll pray and hope for this marriage to last till Jannah.

His name is Dadong. We met him on our first night in Boracay. He is our tour guide and he offers very reasonable price for our activities in Boracay

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