May 19, 2016

2nd Hypnobirth Class with Nadine Ghows

Following my 1st hypnobirth class with Nadine last Sunday (1st May 2016), I was so excited and looked forward for the 2nd class. Since I left the 1st class, I've been reading the Hypnobirthing book; the Mongan Method as recommended. And as I kept reading, my strong inner state was telling me, 'this is totally what I've been wanting for my birth'. I want a very calm, joyful and loving entrance for my baby. Birth should be an unforgettable moment, beautifully expressed and surrounded with wonderful people.

Birth videos

The class started with birthing videos of mothers who applied hypnobirthing techniques. While watching the videos, my mind was blown away by their level of concentration and calm. They were so focus on their breathing, even though the surge can be clearly seen on their belly. Every surge was controlled by perfect breathing and they can still smile and laugh after the surge faded away. The cycle continued until the baby was about to come. It was also very delightful to watch the mothers' technique of breathing the baby out instead of pushing them. The baby came out slowly and calmly, without intervention from the midwife/doctor. Midwife/doctor only observed the mother and baby's condition, not even cheering or urge the mother to push. And what's best, the placenta was not pulled but the mother breathed the placenta out. It was really inspiring to watch the birth process, because it was so natural and calm. Personally, I really want the same ambiance while giving birth.

Loving the Baby

As was told by Nadine, and as much as that I have read from Sunnah/Hadith, it is very important for us to love our baby since his/her first appearance in the womb because they can listen, they are learning and developing from within. Same goes to his/her appearance to the world, they are expecting a very gentle and welcoming entrance. While this topic was discussed during the class, I was thinking to myself that there should be no harm for me to dream of having a gentle birth, because it will benefit both me and the baby. Further to that, Nadine also emphasized on the baby's behaviour towards the impact of gentle birth. The baby is not traumatized and is more calm during his/her 'pantang' days. And so I think, let me do the gentle birth and prove that it really works.

Breathing techniques

Obviously, everything she taught that day is new to me. I never thought that breathing has phases, (i) Calm breathing, (ii) Surge breathing, and (iii) Birth breathing. These breathing phases (based on my experiences) are really helpful to keep the self to stay calm and even the baby is progressing positively.

Right breathing technique used during surge and birth should be accommodated with light touch massage by partner, pleasant aroma as well as calming music/Quran recitation to allow the body to reach relaxation and subsequently reduce the pressure from the intense surge, says Nadine. But all in all, my aim to master the breathing technique is to reduce/eliminate tear during birth. And therefore, no stitches are required! So, I am really hoping for this to really work. 

And that are among topics that we've learned in our 2nd hypnobirth class. Despite all of the above, we also exchanged experiences with other couples. I should next plan on my dream birth, looking for our care provider and start practicing breathing techniques as well as hypnotizing myself.

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