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Assalammualaikum! Hi!

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Dearest followers, I'm so glad to see you here, knowing that my writing has inspired someone or helped someone in any ways. I believe a little about me section here can get us closer and connected. Inn shaa Allah.

So, my blogging addiction starts when I was in my Uni days. You see.. Masa tu, blogging trend ni IN sangat, selain myspace, friendster & facebook {betul tak?? anyone in my era here??}. Then, I pula a kind of a person yang suka expose to the world, nak share ini, share itu {like konon tahu semua benda!!}. And that was I think in 2008.

My initial plan was, to blog about my daily activities, contoh macam 'harini kelas management lecturer best sgt, kitorang tak tidur pun sebab kelas macam happening.. bla.. bla.. bla..'. {boring gila kan?} Lepas tu, tukar plan, konon nak buat macam medium luahan perasaan. So ada la puisi sikit, kata-kata puitis bla bla bla.. Ya Allah!! Malu gilaa.. Ok lah! Whatever!! {sebab tu I da delete semua entry lama. Haha!!} And over time, becoming a wife, a mother, also a little bit mature {haha!} , I write almost about everything, my marriage life, our parenting journey, food review, places I go and such. I'm getting old so does my blogging. {sigh!}

Sikit perihal peribadi saya??

In short, I'm Darleen, the blogger behind PenaMenari. I'm Malaysian {darah Jawa and Bugis}, living in Selangor since forever. I love cat but I don't own one. I live with my parents {anak mak sangat..} and I'm married to a handsome husband who doesn't like football but loves handphone games {to be specific, COC!}. I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl. My baby boy is a cerebral palsy's and just so you know, he is our world and hereafter. While my baby girl is so cute so cheeky and I'm so excited to see her growing everyday. 

I'm a working mom. Half of my day I will be at the office, working my ass off and get paid every month end! But I love dreaming up big ideas, especially of being a full-time mom & wife and working from home, doing something I really passionate of {oh yes, I still need to earn some money for my shopping needs}. And lastly, I love to snap photos every single day, especially photos of my 2 wonderful babies. 

Enough about me here. What about you??

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  1. baru baca akak punya about me section. seronok baca perihal akak dan keluarga. May Allah ease everything with your work, your lovely children ye kak Darleen :)