January 1, 2011

"What's Hot is Gettin Hotter" My Dreams "Love Story"

3 years back, my fiancé took me to Batu Feringghi on our first holiday trip [that time, we weren't a couple yet]. We were sitting at the beach on that fine, serene evening talking about our interests, takes on life, studies, future plans and many others. The conversation was one of the best thing that I remembered till now. There were moments where silence took over, allowing our thoughts flying free to the open sky. I could only hear the sound of wave lapping by the shore and the wind softly blowing my hair. Out of the blue, he put his arm around me I leaned into it, giving him the assurance that it was alright to do so. He kissed me gently on the forehead. I looked up at him and smiled.

He replied my smile and looked at me in the eyes. His next words were a dream came true, “I barely know you even though we have been friends for 3 years. And now, I really want you as my girlfriend. I really love you. And I want the sands, the ocean, and everything here to be the witnesses of our true love”.

I grinned, well more of beaming I must say, and I replied “I love you too. I’m glad you finally ask me this because I really want to be your girlfriend”. From that moment on, we were a couple, an item.

On 1st January 2011,my fiancé and I planned for a gathering with our closest friends and family. I was in charge of the place and I chose Port Dickson. Secretly, without him knowing it, I planned something special for the love of my life.

That night, I asked my fiance's brother to play along. He helped me by taking my fiance away from the camp-side for 30 minutes or so. I gave him my fiancé’s white shirt and make his brother changed.

Then the drama begins. His brother blinded his eyes with a piece of black shirt, to make sure he couldn't see a thing. He willingly let his brother to lead him to the beach. While his brother unties the shirt, my friend, Naqyah and Akmal started playing our very own love song acoustically. It was the first love song he dedicated to me, a song by Duta and Baizura Kahar titled Cinta Antara Kita

When he opened his eyes, he saw his friends sitting on the ground, holding candles, forming a LOVE shape symbol. The he looked up and saw me. I was standing in the middle of the LOVE shape, holding a big frame. He walked closer to me to see what was on the frame. It was full with our photo collages and at the center, there were bold writings saying, ‘I WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU TO ASK ME TO MARRY YOU’. He was flabbergasted at first. His face looked shocked. But then the reaction changes. He turned at me and smiled

I was extremely nervous when I saw him walking towards me. My feelings were jumbled up. I felt scared, excited, anxious, and ecstatic at the same time. My brain could not stop wondering, what would he do when he saw what was written on this frame. Will he laugh? Will he go speechless? Will he ask me the big question? All of a sudden, I cried. I’m not sure why am I crying. But I cried. After reading it, he gazed at me and he smiled. I weakly returned his smile. I felt nervous and I could hear my heart was beating so hard, faster than ever.

He then walk closer and bended down on one knee. He looked up to me with his loving face, bringing my thoughts back to the moment which reminded me of his face when he first ask me to be his girlfriend. Touched and overwhelmed, my tears started to flow again. He smiled and paused, taking things at his own pace. I can only hear the sound of waves, the night wind delicately whistling and the roaring sea … nothing else. It was so quite, everyone there were waiting for him to say something. After a while, he then uttered the sentence that swept my feet off the ground “DARLEEN, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU THIS, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Indeed, I had expected that from him. But I have no idea why would I be so speechless when it was said to me at that time. What I can remember, I was crying and couldn’t stop. Everyone was waiting for my answer. I looked down at him, I smiling, and ultimately say “YES. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. AND YES I WANT TO MARRY YOU” He stood up and hugged me. I returned to his hug and softly said ‘THANK YOU’.

After that, his sister walked around and gave everyone the cupcakes that I ordered form my friend, Aaron, where I asked him to bake for me 3 weeks earlier. (He is a great baker. And definitely the cake was delicious!) ]. It was specially written on the cupcakes, “OUR ADVENTURE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN IN 315 DAYS”. (as you may guess !).

Well, the pictures tell better stories than my humble writing. You can see how happy we are and the most important thing is that, we shared our happy moment with our friends and family. It was genuinely memorable and will be unforgettable. And thank you all for helping me in making things materialized. I hope you guys have a great time.

ouh. actually, I would like to post this as my first entry for 2011. but i am too busy with finals and too many things to do in such a very little time. and i was thinking, it would be a great thing to post this and at the same time being one of the contestant for CST & LRKL contest.

Enjoy reading...


  1. Papa : Membantu menyumbangkan idea penulisan.
  2. Eja : For your encouragement and support
  3. Anis Nabilah : For auditing. (heh)
  4. Naqyah & Akmal : For a lovely acoustic song
  5. Asilah : For beautiful pictures
  6. Aaron : For super delicious cupcakes
  7. Nesa, Eliy, Kiran : For being there
  8. Ewan, Zaidy, Eya : For being such awesome siblings
  9. Acap, Anis, Shaf, Husna, Azri, Hana, Akem, Farah : Tolong pegang candle (hehehe)
  10. Mieza : For being a lovely friend.


  1. kak darleeennnn congratss!
    wahhh counting days haa?
    good luck and i wish u all the best!

  2. omg!!! so sweet!!! congrats darling and goodluck for the contest :D

  3. darleen.., I donno know you at all but now Im asking.., can we be friends..? Im like really love what you did..! mybe someday you can give me some ideas about doing something for my boyfriend..
    tq..! n congrates :)

  4. love it so much....arghhhh nak nanges bace ni...semoga berbahagia selamanye n semoge berbahagia bersama n selamat mengharungi setiap detik dan pengalaman berdua...

  5. wawa : terima kasih.... xdlah counting sgt. hehe. sbb sibuk dgn bnd lain. tp sbnrnye excited terlebih. hehe

    rene : thank you!!!!!!! [oh da bnyk kali ckp tq kat kau] hehehehe

    nabila : hai nabila.. it is great to get to know with new people. nice to meet you. and do not hesitate to follow my blog. and i'll follow yours. yeah. sure. i have tons of ideas..

    anonymous : terima kasih sgt2.. insyaAllah, dengan kehendakNya, jika ikhlas, pasti cinta itu dtg dr syurga.. amin. harap masjid yg dibina berkekalan. amin amin...

  6. darleeen, bergenang air mata i pls baca benda ni (mesti u cakap i mengada) hahahaha! good luck for the contest! :D

  7. mell : thanks... (",)

    umamah : u jgn gedik sgt pls.. hehe. thanks ma.

  8. nice..
    gud luck..=)
    do visit mine..

  9. best ur crite.. good luck!


  10. soo sweett....
    cant wait for 11.11.11 right?? or sort of ...heh... do invite me yaa....hehehehe

    p/s: the background music really nice combination with the story~~~

  11. ha3...aku xterkata apa2....tersntuh hati aku...he3....aku doakan korg sentiasa bahagia n mencintai sesama shgga akhir hayat korg...
    from AFIQ ^_^

  12. soooooo sweettt my fwen... --deeba friday--

  13. omg...dats was so sweets...i wish one day i could have the sweets moment too..just like two of you!
    wishing u a happy ending and gud luck for this contest!

  14. goodluck dear.. wahh kalau aten dpt suprise camni, mau nangis 3 hari non stop.. haha.. ok aten vote for u, special request by syaheera yusof =)

  15. haha.... dam so sweat, hopefully lasting until the end of life .......... gudluck

  16. good luck 2 both of u... :)

  17. this is the best love story i ever heard.berani ek proposed time tue?rase nak buat jugak...bessstt.
    i vote you oredy. :)
    best of luck k?

  18. i barely know u but i thing what u did was soooooo sweet ok!u make others feel the same.gud luck for both of u..:)

  19. i nk komen juga! i love this so much!

  20. lagu kerna ku syg kamu mmg best kan..sweet..sedey bile bace....

  21. sweet pulak ur blog nie :)

  22. ok u got my vote!

  23. sweet sangat! moga bahagia & all the best!

  24. sweet! all the best to both of you~ ^_^

  25. this is very Romantic NICE !!!

  26. hai,please vote my entry ya...no 162 at http://www.cstproduction.blogspot.com/ tq :)

  27. seri suryani : voted yours

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  28. kyria : terima kasih! voting yg kyria bg tu amat dihargai. nnt bila kad da siap, semua kwn2 kat teknik kite jemput.. hehehe

    afiq : terima kasih!! aku tau kau mesti vote. haha... semoga kau pun berbahagia dgn insan tersayang....

    diba : terima kasih diba!!!! rindu diba ms kat uitm dulu..

  29. munirah : hehe. terima kasih sgt2. insyaAllah. satu hari nnt mst akan jmpe lelaki yg akan buat awk bahagia....

    aten : terima kasih sgt2.. mmg nangis nk dekat seminggu. hehe.. walaupun berdebar gile masa tu. tp impian semua perempuan untuk dilamar oleh lelaki tersayang.. hehe.. harap nnt awak pun akan dapat mcm tu..

    Dye Kronniesar : thank you so much... your voting are much appreciated... you are so kind. and i'm glad that you can feel the same way as i am.. hehe

  30. farah : thank you so much farah... nice to know you here. keep following my blog yeh..

    zainatun : thank you sgt2... sbb tlg kak lin.. you are so kind and generous..love you. and u pun pandai dan cantik jugak~~~

    cik dv : a'a.. lagu kerna ku sayang kamu tu mmg best.. suka sgt..!

  31. arthur : hehe. i mmg sweet dr dulu. u je yg salu buli i masa kat skola dulu.. heheh

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    wan afiqah : thank you..~~ (",)

  33. kak darleen. miss you lah! lama tak jumpe heee :D
    good luck contest ni.
    sangat sangat sweet loving your love story!
    woweee :)

  34. Muka you macam marshanda. Nice story. :)

  35. saiyidah .... tu la. lama gile tak jumpe.... terima kasih.... vote kan tau....

    nurfarahin : hehe.. mcm marshanda.? marshanda tu lagi cantik laa.. thank you anyway..

  36. wow!. suke cheritera chinta anda!.

  37. so sweet..
    jelous much of ur love story.=))
    i bet, u'l definitely win this contest!
    gud luck ya!=))

  38. sumpah!.....
    memang sweet!..
    i like...
    vote for u...

  39. cik nad : terima kasih ~~~

    ieka hassim : terima kasih ~~ harapan sy pun nk menang sgt sgt sgt

    mr.k_boy : terima kasih........ (")

  40. gud luck darleen! i vote u :)

    entry ni terselit cite pasal u :)

  41. cik mira... terima kasih sgt sgt.. da baca da entry u... tq tq tq

  42. nice entry... too romantic... i love it...
    n i sure im not brave enough to do what u did...
    its like a fairytale story.. sorry its been to late for voting u now... have a good day...

  43. thank you MaD DhA... it's okay.. i'm glad you feel the same way i did. u think you are not brave enough but love can make anything possible.. maybe one day u will. who knows.. and i wish you will found someone who worth to have your love... have a good day too...

  44. wee..comeinye korang!! geram !! goodluck !!..mai dtg blog !

  45. haha. terima kasih.. ye ye. japg sampai...

  46. love this entry,,

    u make me crying,,lagi2 background sound dari glee tuuuu,,,

    both of u are so sweeeeet lar,,

  47. hai iday.... thank you so much...
    jangan la nangis... hehe

  48. sweetnye akak ni..
    slh satu cite yg plg saye suke....
    btuah pakwe akak kn hehe

  49. sweetnye akak ni..
    slh satu cite yg plg saye suke....
    btuah pakwe akak kn hehe

  50. mimie. terima kasih~~.. bertuah ke dia?? hehe. takde la bertuah mana. melayan karenah saya lagi leceh . setakat surprise mcm ne, tak tau la mampu kurangkan stress dia melayan saya. hehehehe

  51. mstila dia x stress kak..dia msti happy je dgn akak.. hehehe.akak lawa dan pandai la
    smoga akak berbahagia dgn pakwe akak k..
    saye hrp akak sudi bkwn dgn saye....saye dah add akak kt fb hehehe..

  52. hehe. terima kasih la. puji akak lebih2, segan la pulak .... insyaAllah. semoga kami berbahagia...
    nama miemie kat fb ape ye??