January 1, 2011

Throwback "Our Love Chronicles - The Attraction"

Teaser // Darleen

For a moment, I was truly taken aback by his look. His smile was somewhat cynical, but it portrayed his strong character. His hair was sleek, and his fang (yes, he has a pair of fangs!) was a plus point. Good looking he was (and still is). To me, he really was.

My friend from high school, Elly, told me that the gentleman's name was Fandy. For a moment, I thought that Elly was one lucky chap to know him in person. Another friend of mine, Qyqy, who was sitting next to me, spontaneously expressed how good looking the gentleman was. Both of us had the same opinion - he was good looking, and his face somewhat looked pure and sincere. Oh, the three of us were checking out Fandy's Myspace account at that moment...

I was trying to sleep that night, but his face kept appearing in my mind. I was drowned with curiosity about that young lad. Fandy. Hmmm, what's his full name? Sincerely wanted to know more about him, but curiosity often kills the cat. I was nervous and scared all the same. Should I really be taking the first step? Is it even possible to make him mine?

Teaser // Effandy

Who on earth is this girl? I was checking out her Myspace account, and I could see that she rarely had pictures of herself alone; neither did she take a lot of pictures with her friends. I was really curious, who are her friends? Is she always alone? A good friend of mine, Elly, once told me that the girl was actually her schoolmate back in high school. The girl sure looked mysterious. I felt tempted o unveil the mystery. I wanted to know more about her.

I was hanging out with Elly on one fine night. The mysterious girl's face appeared on my mid again. Should I or should I not ask Elly for the girl's phone number? Wait, what's her name again? Her Myspace account showed Darleen. Hmmm, Darleen? Is that really her name? Pretty unique, I mus say. "Hmmm, okay. That's it." I silently told myself. I gathered my courage, stacked up my guts and finally ask Elly for Darleen's number.

Later that night, whilst trying to close my eyes to get some sleep, the girl's face appeared (again) on my mind. I was distracted and I really couldn't sleep. "Well, to do... or not to do...?" I was relentlessly asking myself. I clenched my phone tightly and stared at it long enough. Finally, after gathering up my courage... "Hi". SENT!

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