January 1, 2011

Throwback "The Love Chronicles - The First Date"

Darleen ♥

I woke up early today. Way too early as a matter of fact. The heart was pounding extraordinarily fast. That was odd, I silently thought. I was still pretty much half-awake though. I started reaching for my phone. Wait, where is it again?

Ah-ha! There it is.

1 message received”.

Eh? Weird. Who on earth would text me at this hour?

The text read, “Lyn, are you free today? Do you wanna go out with me? – Fandy”.

OH MY GOD. Am I dreaming or what? Hah, that pretty much explained my rapid heartbeat just now! I replied his text quickly agreeing to see him later on that day. Uh-huh, time to really wake up, get ready and get dressed pronto! I sure was excited. I mean, how could I be not? I took huge steps downstairs looking for Mama, and asked her to send me to Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT Station.
Fandy mentioned in his text just now that we would meet at the Chan Sow Lin Station. It’s been almost an hour but it seemed like he had yet arrived. I was really anxious and nervous just now but I guess the feelings had begun to slowly disappear. My ears were still glued to my earphones. A short moment later, I realized that someone had just sat next to me. I couldn’t care less, to be honest, but I was feeling rather agitated after realizing that the person was staring at me.

I turned my head slowly to take a quick look.

Astaghfullahhal’azim! It was Fandy! Unexpectedly, I couldn’t breathe properly upon seeing his face. My eyes too, unexpectedly and spontaneously made a quick scan – thin figure, black cardigan, blue tee, sleek hair, and oh, he sure smelt good!

We took the next train to Bukit Bintang. :)


I really needed my sleep, but the eyes just wouldn’t shut. The mind was still not tired, I guess. I’ll be going back to Perlis in 2 days. Hmmm. That girl named Darleen, I really needed to see her! I was pretty confident that I’d turn insane if I couldn’t see her. Should I ask her out tomorrow? Does she even want to go out with me? And even if she agrees, where to?

Ah, I’ve been staring at the ceiling too long. The eyes still wouldn’t shut! Argggh! You know what, I’ll just ask her out. Not that I have anything to lose anyway. But it’d be really nice if she agrees…

Message sent”.

My phone was still on my chest when I woke up the day after. Eh? A new message…

The text read “Okay. So, I’ll see you today? But Dy, I’m kinda nervous… “.

My heart fluttered. Darleen, the girl who would utter the first word that’s running through her mind with full of sincerity. An honest person she was. And yes, cute!

I got up quickly. While I was getting ready, I got a surprise visit from a friend from Perlis. Man, I’ve promised Darleen to see her today! She must’ve been waiting already. But the guest needed to be entertained. I served him some drinks and we had a little chat. I’d be lying if I were to tell you that my mind wasn’t already elsewhere.

An hour later, my guest decided to go home. I quickly grabbed my car key and drove my Satria towards Cempaka LRT Station. I finally took the train to Chan Sow Lin LRT Station – our agreed meeting point.

Now, where might she be?

There she was! I could see that she was attentively listening to her iPod. I slowly arranged my steps towards her, and silently sat beside her. Haha, she was still not aware that I was already sitting beside her. I silently stared at her – her rosy cheek, her long brunette hair, her round eyes. Cute!

After a moment, she finally turned his head to look at me. My heart, again, fluttered upon seeing her blush – embarrassed to know that I was staring, perhaps? That girl was once again making me feel completely head over heels for her.

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