May 24, 2016

3rd Hypnobirth Class with Nadine Ghows

Our 3rd class with Nadine is the class that I've been waiting for. We've discussed on the mind and physical/body preparation for the birth day. This topic has strengthened my belief that early preparation including physical movements and mentally readiness throughout pregnancy has a strong correlation with the birth process itself.

Mind preparation - Key Word Deepening Relaxation

Mind preparation in the 3rd class was actually the continuance topic from the 2nd class. But this time Nadine taught us about the ability of our mind to control our body. There are few techniques that can be applied, and these techniques can be read from the Hypnobirthing book; the Mongan Method. However, she suggested for us to use the most comfortable technique that we have confidence in to apply during our birth day.

Interestingly, I've found that the most effective technique for me is to use the Key Word Deepening Relaxation technique. I've chosen Lavender as my key word. So, I've been practicing the technique since then. This technique requires me to get my husband's favour. He will say the key word Lavender to me and I have to plant the word into my mind. Every time, the word is pronounced out loud, I have to carry and drawn my mind with lavender elements. While doing that, I should keep myself in calm breathing. So far, it works. And I hope during THE DAY, I will be able to master this technique and get into the deepening relaxation.

Physical preparation

Physical preparation is mainly referring to the muscles and body readiness to give birth. Important component in physical preparation is exercise.

Brisk walking

As a working mom, I prefer walking to be my routine exercise, mostly because I've difficulties in finding time to go to yoga classes or any pre-natal exercise classes. So, in a day, I will take at least 1 hour of non-stop brisk walking. Nadine emphasized on the benefit of daily brisk walking that walking with full motion lengthens our psoas muscles (a large pair of internal "wings" from spine to thigh) and supports lower back strength while moving the pelvis. This, in turn, will give us better range of motion, emotional grounded-ness and flexibility, better fetal descent, and better fetal positioning.

Leaping frog

It is also known as forward squatting position. While doing this position, I felt a little pressure on my buttocks. However, the benefits of this squatting position may widen the pelvic opening, relaxes and opens the perineal tissues, helps to avoid tearing, relieves strain in the lower back, increases the supply of oxygen to the baby and makes good use of the effect of gravity while breathing the baby out. Currently, I'm practicing this squatting position on a daily basis for at least 5 minutes. I'm planning to lengthen the duration, but I should do it in phases as to avoid any muscle injury.

Pelvic floor exercise

Pelvic floor exercise is widely known as Kegels. It was actually among the most important of all the prenatal muscle toning. It is designed to tone and strengthen the muscles used during the birthing phase of labor. Practicing this exercise can be done in every situation, while sitting, while walking, in the toilet, while driving or even on the bed.

Perineal massage

This massage should be practices in the final trimester of pregnancy, approximately six to eight weeks prior to term. Massaging with oil or cream helps the perineal tissues to soften and thereby gently unfold with no resistance as they open during birthing to allow the passage of the baby. The massage should be done every day for at least 5 minutes. It is a discomfort exercise for some people, therefore, practicing calm breathing & mind relaxation during the massaage might help.

And that was among the important lessons learned in the 3rd class with Nadine. In spite of all the above, Nadine also emphasized on the importance of having a birth plan. Provided with sample, she requested us to prepare our own birth plan to be given to our chosen care provider. I'm getting excited of preparing myself for the birth day. And I am really hoping that this is all worth it which I can really experience the birth that I've been dreaming of.

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