June 3, 2015

Accepting Rejection Gracefully


Rejection is tough to handle, a bitter antibiotic to swallow, a drowner tank and just make your life goes blah! You get the picture right? I believe that everyone may experience it in a different form of rejection. We all have. Trust me. Even with my blog, as harmless as it is, I sometimes receive comments that they reject things / contents I've posted. And my first time experience, I will dwell on the anger and posting my frustration post afterwards. I laughed at myself back then! Hahaha!

Because why? I can't blame others for having different opinions or decisions! So why shouldn't I accept rejection, grow from my setbacks and to come back with more strength and writing passion than ever? Instead of dwelling on the anger or bitterness that I've experienced after not getting what I want? 

So, how do I accept rejections with grace?

Be positive and proud of trying

Yes, being rejected by others is never pleasant for me. Sigh!  But I put a positive spin on rejection by thinking about all of the people who never experienced what I have and those who never even have the courage to try or post an article on what I have attempted to do. And I further think about what else I can achieve or try to achieve from blogging. 

Focus on the positive aspects of the rejection

Though I've been rejected, so at least I actually get someone's attention, and have heightened my chances of getting noticed the next time around. Try harder, and be smart.

Don't take it personal and dwell on it

It is much easier said than done. Because sometimes it's hard to stop dwelling on rejection, especially if you're feeling bitter or hurt. But, let's try to find other enriching activities to keep us from going dwelling and move on. Because, it may hurt someone else without you knowing it. 

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