May 21, 2015

Introducing Mo.Bra

Assalammualaikum and hello!

Women! How complex a woman can be? I believe only woman understands other women. We are so particular of choosing the right outfit at the right time for the right person. Even spending your days at home can be so stressful because of it is so hard to start your day when you can't find the right shirt and comfy pants to wear throughout the day.

That is the thought that has brought her (my partner) to start up the business of selling lounge wear before she invited me to join her. We (both of us are married and with 2 kids) have the tendency of looking beautiful and fresh at home for the loved ones, instead of wearing batik and loose shirt. But, we struggled in finding and buying comfy outfit online or in the mall. And so, there comes the name Mo.Bra which in Swedish, Mo.Bra is defined as feeling fine / good. 

We are very new in the online business industry. But, Mo.Bra aims at helping women to stay comfy at home but remain at her best appearance.

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Thank you.!

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