April 24, 2016

Family Trip Musim Panas ke Cameron Highlands


I always said to myself that I will blog at least once in a week. But, obviously that doesn't happen. Sigh. Blogging for me nowadays seems to be very hard. You know, hal kerja, suami, anak-anak dan other personal things, are the reasons that limits my time to blog.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing just great. Terutamanya dengan cuaca kebelakangan ni yang panas lepas tu kadang-kadang jerebu. Just remember to keep the body hydrated by drinking more than a lot of water. And keep the kids hydrated too. At times, saya pun terpaksa memaksa Irfan & Aisha minum air kosong. *Sorry sayangs

So, today's story is about our family trip to Cameron Highlands, recently in March. Definitely we expect for cool weather and clean air. We went there right after the school holiday ends. Strategi tau, trafik tak sibuk dan tempat-tempat nak dilawati pun tak ramai. It's kind of our impromptu trip.

For those who planning to go to Cameron Highlands, just remember these few important things;
  • Your chosen routes. Ada 2 routes ke Cameron Highlands. Either through Simpang Pulai exit (jauh sikit tapi tak banyak lori lalu) or Tapah exit (lebih dekat tapi laluan yang lori selalu guna)
  • The weather. You should at least take note on the temperature especially the temperature at night. It's totally a big concern for parents with kids. Please.. Bawa lah baju tebal secukupnya..
Our trip starts at early morning right after the kids had their breakfast. Around 9 am. Since trafik lancar, it took us only 3 1/2 hours through Simpang Pulai exit. 

Our Stay

We had our lunch somewhere in Brinchang, except for Irfan, kita dah prepare KFC mashed potatoe untuk makan dalam perjalanan. After lunch tu, we straightaway look for Natasya Resort, our chosen stay. It's located next to Copthorne Hotel. Price per night is RM 170 (not including GST), furnished with 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, pantry, tv hall, balcony and covered parking space. Serius puas hati.
Sebahagian ruang resort. Luas!
Lega budak-budak ni dah sampai. Letih dalam kereta.
Right in front of our room
Laluan sepanjang resort

Interesting Places for Tour

1. Big Red Strawberry Farm

On our first day of arrival, we went to Rajuu Strawberry Farm. Sebab lokasinya sebelah je dengan resort. Just any other typical strawberry farm, ada jual strawberry dan beberapa selections of strawberry desserts. However, we've read through reviews from other bloggers that visitors should never missed to experience strawberry farm at Big Red.

And so, we went there the next morning. Macam-macam ada kat situ. Petik strawberry, ada kedai runcit yang jual barang-barang daripada strawberry, kedai dessert strawbeery, boleh juga nak petik salad dan bunga!
Just arrived. While waiting for Papa.
Belum apa-apa dah menguap. 

Bosan dah diorang ni

2. Taman Agroteknologi MARDI Cameron Highlands

Kenyang dengan strawberry, kami jalan-jalan tengok bunga dekat Taman Agro MARDI. Banyak jenis bunga, but I only know some of their names. Others.. Tengok cantik, tapi tak tau nama.. Hiks!

Dekat sini pun ada ladang strawberry

3. Boh Heritage Tea Centre & Factory

With the thought that desserts we had in strawberry farm earlier can hold the fort, we continue our journey to Boh Heritage Tea Centre & Factory. Serius jauh, jalan pun sempit dan berlopak-lopak. Nothing much interesting, only we get the chance to appreciate the tea plantation. And the tea is nice.
Boh Plantation

Boh Factory

4. Boh Tea Centre Sungei Palas

On the next morning, still not satisfied with our trip to tea plantation, we went to Boh Tea Centre Sungei Palas. Kali ni, no regrets! View cantik, tempat lepak pun best, decoration pun menarik, bibik pun siap sempat la main petik-petik daun teh. 

Having our late breakfast

5. Rose Valley

On our back to Kuala Lumpur, we stopover at Rose Valley. Of course, we can see roses everywhere. With different colors of roses to be treasured. And husband also bought me a bouquet of roses for me. Heee~~

6. Lavender Farm

And last of all, we headed our route to Lavender Farm. Cantik nya Subhanallah! Macam-macam jenis lavender rupanya ada. Bau lavender pun menusuk sangat. Refreshing!

Lavender plant that we bought

Chilling before balik

Places to Eat

Nak cari tempat makan tak de lah susah pun. Tapi, nak cari kedai makan yang kena dengan selera susah sangat. Harga pun mahal. Throughout our 3 days 2 nghts in Cameron, we manage to go to some of these restaurants;
  • Food Court Brinchang for breakfast. Nasi lemak dijual not bad sedap.
  • Glory 69 for dinner. Popular tempat ni. Tapi mungkin akan datang sekali je. Its pricey and not so yums
Glory 69

Not so nyums. Too salty. Pricey. We choose not to eat steamboat. Sebab steamboat dia simply steamboat, takde grill

Kesian penat. Aisha demam pulak malam tu. Poor kid
  • Anje Corner for dinner. The food.. Erm. So-so je.
Steambot & grill @ Anje Corner. Nasib baik ada butter. Penyedap rasa.


I guess, that is all. In overall, the trip was fun. We had a great time together. Even though, going for a trip with kids ain't easy, but we did it again!! Hee~ Till then. Bai!

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