March 27, 2015

3 MANGO Lookbook Ideas For Women by ZALORA

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Hello readers! It might seem so cliche promoting products of online shopping retailer. But hey!!! This is ZALORA, the fastest growing online retailer in Southeast Asia. Don't tell me that you never heard of them.. *wink

Well, one of their main product brands is Mango, a very well-known brand throughout the world providing a wide range of fashion clothing and accessories. Ahaa.. Interesting right?? Want to know more??

You see, if you are looking for the perfect brand, the one which offers everything from head-to-toe (i would call them as one-stop shopping brand), then, you definitely will fall in love with Mango. I've seen so much stunning fashion items based on the latest runaway and street trends in their collections. It excites me!!

What’s more exciting about Mango is that they offer 3 different looks which women can pull off wearing Mango with poise and class. Wow! Wow!!! *my adrenaline is going higher

1. Stylish Career Lady

Its an affordable work outfits from blouses, shirts, pencil skirts, suits and blazers for women to choose from. Which when you pull them all together will carry your personality and walk in the office with confidence. You can be stylish yet professional at the same time. It really suits me well, a working mom with 2 kids who meets new clients and senior managements daily.

What next for Mango to offer?

2. The Semi-Formal Look

Want to look mature yet trendy in your own way?? Mango has it too! You can opt for Mango blouses, jackets and bottoms for a date, a day out for coffee with your girlfriends or even a shopping free outing. It definitely will make you look elegant and ladylike. For extra edgy look or appear sophisticated, you can just pull on a Mango jacket with blouse and flair pants. And finally, complete your look with a nice pair of shoes and feel proud with every step of the way. For mommies, you can still looking gorgeous while struggling handling your babies. 

3. Casual Chic

Meanwhile, there must be those days where you just want to lay back and wear comfortable clothes. If being classy is too mainstream for you, so you may decided to walk in the mall with your kids by only puting on trendy Mango tees and jeans. Added with the sleek high quality fabric will absolutely make you feel comfortable all day long.

Being a fulltime mom and part-time working mom, I believe that looking stylish and neat is important. You don't want to be labelled as 'selekeh'. Hahaha!! So, you can check out ZALORA as they offer Mango for women collection online at the best affordable price!!


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