September 15, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Aisha! Her 1 year Journey.


As some of you may know, we have such a joyful family moment when Aisha turns 1 year old. It's cliche to say that I can still feel the pain or it feels like yesterday when we were in the labour room waiting for her arrival. But, they are all true. Even when she turns 2, 3 or 20, I might say the same thing.

On Aisha's birthday, we had a small celebration among the 4 of us. Oh ya, plus 1, the bibik. Since Aisha tak tau pape lagi, dia nampak macam dah happy je. Ada kek, lilin, nyanyi-nyanyi semua. ;p

Obviously, I am happy. I've been given a chance to experience the milestone that she had achieved throughout the year. She's my little baby girl, and she's mine until she found her own Imam. 

Well, my lil baby girl, when you are getting older, and when you can read, I would like you to read my wishes here. I wish you an eternal happiness. I hope you are happy since the second you were out from my womb, I hope you love me from the first moment you saw me, I hope you grow healthily and sayang Aisha, I hope you will love abang Irfan as much as I do.

Just so you know sayang, you are so cute. Your smirk is cute. I love your smile and giggles, it feels so welcoming when you hug me tenderly everytime I come home from work, even though it is kind of disturbing when you're playing with my tummy to sleep, I am okay with that. And most importantly.. It's wonderful to see the love that you have and have shown to me, Papa and Irfan as well as towards Atok, Umi and bibik.

So.. Happy 1st birthday Aisha!! Mama, Papa & Irfan love you..

Let's see how different she is from the day she was born until today.. 
The picture on the left was taken on the day she was born. She definitely looks the same as Irfan. Upper right is when she was 2 months old, and her 3rd months on below right.

What about this one? Start from left than upper right and below right, her 4th, 5th and 6th months. Look how demok she is, then starting to slim a bit because she started to explore things actively.

And then from her 7th to 9th, she is not demok anymore. But at this stage she has become my shopping companion. She will be following me anywhere I go (even we went alone, without her papa) and she never complaining. 

How time flies. She has grown up so fast. 1 year seems to be very short. She has yet to walk by her own, but yaa.. She's trying. And stop comparing. She'll walk whenever she is ready. 

So here she is. Look how adorable she is. She eats everything, from sweet to sour to bitter to spicy. And that cake right there, she eat that a lot! Thank you to Auntie Miranis for her magic baking touch. 

And till then.. Bye

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  1. Happy Birthday Aisha Amani. semoga mnjadi anak yang berjaya dunia akhirat.