September 3, 2015

I really don't want to say goodbye to any of you people


So, today marks the day that I will leave my favourite people at the office. This time around, I feel very difficult to say goodbye, especially when one has spent a long time inside a character or two or more, suffering and celebrating with them.
It is amazing how being in the office became fun when you all were around. Thank you for being a listener, a motivator and a good friend of mine. You all will be missed.

Banyak nak kena rindu nanti, termasuk lah working space yang luas dan selesa, toilet yang bersih dan balkoni sebelah desk yang bila stress boleh tengok luar ambil angin tengok kota dari tingkat 20. This is sad, sebab I dah too comfy dengan facilities sini.

But, that's it. I wish I could stick around for a little more time, but life has set some other plans for me. So. I'm saying goodbye to all beautiful people here and wishing everyone will have a great life ahead and we will always keep in touch (sebab office baru sebelah je.. haha!).

They are my favourite people. This picture was taken during our Iftar session.

My favourite ladies. Awwhhh.. Sediiihhhh

Thank you for the lunch treat for my farewell. You guys are too awesome. 

And this is my final note for them. 
A picture with Kak Long Farah. Hahah!

And to this lady right here. It is so sad that we can't say good bye to each other like it is supposed to be. Let me just say it out loud here. Thank youuuuu awak. You are the cutest and sweet among all. Macam bila marah tu, hentak-hentak kaki pastu tangan tunjuk penumbuk tapi tak tumbuk pun, pastu selalu emo pagi-pagi. Haha! It is rare for me to find a good friend in a colleague. Thanks for being that wonderful person who always was willing to extend your helping hand. I wish you all the best. And we still can set a lunch date later, together with the girls.

This is the toilet area. I will definitely miss this. Just because I am very choosy and particular about the comfy level of a toilet which I will be using throughout the day. Everyone in the family knows, and they get annoyed.. Haha!
The 2 pictures on the left is the lift area, outside of our office at level 20. Feeling corporate kan? Hahah! And another 2 pictures on the right is my working area, and the balcony next to it. 

Till then. Till we meet again.

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