November 19, 2016

On Five Years of Marriage


Today (11.11.16) is our five years wedding anniversary, and I am so thankful for this marriage of mine. Really! I'm blessed beyond measure to have him as my partner through life. Allah always knows what He's doing when pairing people together, and I couldn't dreamed up a better person. I can only see him as my perfect partner.

Five years ago today, we put our vows through akad and nikah. From the moment he entered the house, sitting in front of my dad, handing his hand to my dad and said the akad, I cried, and that was the tears of happiness. I'm happy for the blessings of having him as my partner hereafter. It is truly a remarkable moment for me. And just so you know, I love you so much.

We've been through a lot throughout these 5 years. From only 2 of us, now we've become a family of 5. I value each and every moment we had together, and I'm blessed for that his love remains even when life brings the struggles, the disagreements, and things that really challenge the marriage life. I've learned that there are thousands of small negotiations that go on between a husband and a wife to make sure things are working out. 

Perhaps many things have changed, our lifestyle, our circle of friends, our behavior and attitude and more to mention. But that is how it should be. Change is part of our life. We grow, we adapt, and we adjust. From a couple that is separately independent, now we've become too dependent on each other. We've done so great of raising our special son even though we are still learning to adapt his changes in need as he is growing year by year. We learned so much from our second baby girl, her character, her development and her growing needs. And now, we have to learn on how to manage our life with the arrival of our third baby. There will be more and more surprises from them. And for that, I'm pretty sure that both you and I would find this journey as adventuring and lovely.

And you, my dearest husband. Thank you for your love. You know so well that my biggest challenge so far is to adapt with my physical change after I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. There was one time, I thought that I might lose you, I thought you would find another woman to be your wife. I'm not pretty as I used to be, I'm not a perfect wife anymore. However, here you are, still the first person I see every morning, the last person I hug every night, the person I can be clingy with, the person I can argue with and the person I can put my trust on. Thank you dear for these wonderful 5 years. And I hope for many more years to come, you and me.

Anniversary Dinner at Owlery Cafe

So nice that they decorate our table with all this
Ambil gambar dulu sebelum bersepah segala.

Another family photo. Oh. Medina is not in the picture, kena tinggal

My cheeky baby girl.

My handsome baby boy

While Aisha is playing at the kids corner, we 'selfie satu kali'

Her favourite area of the night
Cheezy Crispy Nachos for appetizer

Pan Crispy Norwegian Salmon for me

Aussie Rib Eye Steak for him

Choco Banana Milk Shake for me

Strawberry Smoothies for him
Thank you sayang for the dinner treat.
I love you. Always will.
Since Medina tak join dinner, the next day kita gigih ambil family photo with Medina in it

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