October 7, 2016

Of Me Being Stubborn with the Doctor during Labour - Hypnobirthing


The birth story of our 3rd baby. Happy reading!!!
It's a sunny Saturday, it's hot and I'm sweating (common pregnancy symptom). I just want to stay at home and be lazy. Weirdly, I'm feeling hungry almost every hour, I keep drinking and eating whatever is available in the Kitchen (while still can, they said. hee~). You know, since I passed my due date, I have less appetite than before. Even though, I had a really good night's sleep for the past few days (thanks to my acupuncturist), but today, I'm feeling exhausted! And so, I just sit on the couch and watch tv.

As time passes by, I feel surges that come and go. But, since I've experienced multiple false alarm since my week 37, I think it might be another false alarm and I just breathe deeply. I let the uncomfortable surges go away by itself. 

I take my dinner at 6 pm and I still feel the surges. Ignoring them, I take a hot shower for almost 30 minutes and while waiting for Maghrib, I bounce on the gym ball. Still... I feel a strong and intense surges.

I bounce on the gym ball, I lean on the gym ball, sujud for few minutes, still there are surges. I breathe deeply. While Mama is holding Irfan, and Aisha is playing with Atuk, I continuously bounce on the gym ball and ask Fandy to do light touch massage everytime I feel the surges. (luckily he's doing it right the way I want it.. good job sayang!)

At 11 pm, Mama wants to put Irfan to bed, and so I ask Fandy to put Aisha to bed. I decide I want to have a good night's sleep tonight, just in case (mana tau kan) I might be in labour the next morning. Adjusting my body to get into deep sleep is really hard. Every position doesn't provide me the comfort I need. Fandy helps me to adjust my maternity pillow, trying to sleep in sitting position. Yet still, I can't sleep, the surges are just too intense.

So I tell Fandy, let me bounce on the gym ball, and he tries to get Aisha to fall asleep. I bounce and bounce, sway my hip left and right. I then decide to get another round of hot shower in the midnight. So relieving, no doubt that hot shower is so relaxing. 30 minutes under the hot shower, I then continue bouncing on the gym ball.

Aisha is asleep, Fandy helps me with the light massage. He also puts some pressure on my buttocks to relieve the surges. It works! Later at 2 am, I ask Fandy to count my surges for 30 minutes. And, it's 5 minutes interval with 1 to 2 minutes duration.

I still play with time, and decide to go to the hospital in the next 15 minutes. Fandy ensures that the stuff needed to bring to the hospital are all ready. He tells my mom that we're going to the hospital now. My mom takes a look at my condition and babbles. (biasalah , mak mak kan. huuu~). She is angry that I delay our trip to the hospital.

The surges are getting intense. I get into the car and try to focus on my breathing. I'm not sure of how fast or slow Fandy is driving. But I remember, I scold him several times for driving too fast and the road is too bumpy.

We reach hospital in an hour. I refuse to be dropped at the emergency area. I want to walk with him. All I need now is my husband. We walk from the parking basement to the emergency area for more than 20 minutes. Because the surges are getting intense, everytime the surge comes, I stop, I hug Fandy and sway my hips. I know there are groups of people around me, smoking and enjoying the fresh air. Haha! Just, whatever! I need to sway my hip.

At the counter, it feels like forever waiting for admission process. The hospital attendant offers me wheelchair, I refuse them! I'm not a patient, I'm not sick, I just want to give birth to my baby and I can walk! (haha! degil)

In the labour room, the nurse is telling me the procedure to insert the urine tube and a medication force to poo poo. I just say, 'tengok lah nanti macam mana..'. Then she asks me to lie down for CTG. I say, I can't. The surges are too intense and I don't feel comfortable. So, the CTG is done for 5 minutes while I'm kneeling on the floor. Then, I ask for the strap to be off of my body, I'm not comfortable.

Then she asks me to lie, to check my dilation. I allow her, since I personally want to know how far I've been. And... it's already fully dilated!!! Wow! The nurse quickly calls the doctor. Unfortunately, my doctor who approved my birth plan has gone fishing, and is not able to attend my birth. And have to call for the replacement, who is not supporting my birth plan. Then comes my drama of me being stubborn in the labour room. Heee~~

The doctor arrives 15 minutes later. I'm on my all fours. The doctor tries to do VE and pulls out a stick. I quickly say, No! Please don't break my waterbag! The doctor asks, 'what do you want me to do?' I say, 'just wait for at least an hour, or let the waterbag breaks on its own'.

The doctor then tries to threaten us with the baby's condition, since they can't read the CTG. I say, 'Doctor, please stay calm, I know both me and my baby are healthy'. Haha! Then, the doctor says, 'it has been almost 2 hours since you're fully dilated, and you are not pushing your baby. Do you need me to vacuum your baby?' I reply, 'It's ok. I'm doing fine. I'm still full with energy, the baby will come out soon.'

And, few minutes later, I can feel the baby is crowning. I start to lose control, thanks to my love, for being there by my side, supporting me throughout the process. And that particular time, I say, 'Yang, nak bau leher'. I don't know why, but the smell of his is so calming. Suddenly, he says, 'kepala baby nampak dah, sikit lagi'. I am in squatting position, trying to stay focused and then I feel a gush of water coming out, it's so warm, and then the baby's head is out. Immediately, she cries! The doctor says, 'wait! Let the head turn, and you can push the shoulder out'. And few seconds later, the whole body is out. What a relief!!

I lie on the bed, take a deep breath. The doctor says, there is 2nd degree of tear, needs to be stitched. At first I refused, but then I allow the doctor to stitch the tear since I've been so stubborn earlier, and the doctor and the nurse still bear with me. Haha!

So, that's the story. Even though, it is not as gentle as I wanted, but it is better than my 1st and 2nd births (especially 2nd!!). I'm so surprised with myself for being able to control the surges. Hypnobirthing techniques really works for me. It is so important for the mother to stay calm, focus on breathing during the surges. It helps. A lot!!

I would like to thank Nadine for her continuous advices, knowledge and support. I'm so thankful for being able to attend her classes and meeting her personally. I've been bugging her every week on my false alarm, but she still calmly respond to my whatsapp. Hee~

And to my dearest husband, you've been a great companion throughout the process. Thank you for being there with me. I love you and forever will. We did it, and will do better next time. Haha!!

So, introducing our newborn.

Name : Hasya Medina
Date of Birth : 25 September 2016 @ 5.15 am
Place of Birth : Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital
Weight / Height : 3.56 kg / 55 cm


  1. Beautiful birth story. You write so well :) welcome to the world Hasya Medina. . You are so blessed to have such a well-informed and loving mama , love auntie Nadine ♡

  2. Welcome to the world Hasya Medina. Its so sweet to read the whole story of your Mom's journey to bring you in this world.
    Haha stubborn ya.
    By the way everything going smooth and finally here you are...
    Congratulation Leen and Fandy.
    Hugs for Irfan and the other two sweet little cutties...