September 11, 2016

One is great, Two is Fun and why not add another ONE?!


Wishing everyone a good day. Well, our pregnancy is not a secret anymore, pictures of me being pregnant have been posted (obviously by me, myself) in facebook and instagram. Hihi! Honestly, despite of being aware of all the future challenges that we are going to go through after delivery, we are also excited to welcome our 3rd little bundle of joy. In shaa Allah, we are expecting a little girl soon.

So far, I'm very sure of what I've seen from the scan session, but Allah is the ultimate planner. Ada orang kata, perut membesar macam anak lelaki, entah-entah keluar lelaki. Tak tau laa.. Let's just wait for the day to come, and we will definitely announce the gender. Hehe. Anyway, gender is not our main concern (walaupun baju baby semua beli pink), most importantly the baby is healthy.

Experiencing our third pregnancy, I realized that I'm not as fit as I were in my previous pregnancies. I easily get tired, feeling sleepy, dizziness, very bad back pain and not so productive. Malas je, cepat sangat mengantuk. Therefore, I've decided, right after my confinement days I would like to register myself to fitness centre, to get my body fit and of course becoming more healthy. Mungkin sebab before pregnant ni takde exercise, badan pun tak cukup kuat.

Anyway, in August, we asked Ijal Zakaria (my friend's husband) to capture our beautiful family photos at my house. It was a great experience with Ijal, Mynn and their cute little daughter, Adinda. The result from the photo session as below;

Photographer suruh bergambar tepi pokok tapi matahari terik, mata jadi sepet. 
First try for a decent picture. Ok laaa....
What an expression! Not ready to be a big sister yet perhaps?
Aisha dah warm up sikit. 

Yeayy!! Big smile from the big sister. 

Finally. A decent picture of us. Irfan is not in the picture sebab dia tengah tidur dengan nyenyaknya.
We were talking about are we actually ready for another chaos?? Fuhhhh
Well, just see how. Allah is the best planner of all. He knows our capabilities
Tadaaa!! Irfan is here. But not with his Baju Melayu. Sigh. Tengah tidur, Irfan bocor. Habis baju!
Haa.. Excited??
Beautiful decent picture of our family
Erm. Behind the scene. Distracting them from being cranky.
Senyum satu kaliiii..
That happy face. Abang stay cool.
Trying to hold his brother from falling. Very clever!
So much love towards her brother. Beautiful!
Erm. Atau sekadar berlakon? ahahaha
Naahhh. She really loves him. 
Soon to have another sister. I hope he is happy with additional family member for him to play with
Us behind the curtain. Hiks.
I love you.! 
Nice shot!
Another shot please. Look at Aisha's muncung. Hurmmm
I really love this picture. But Irfan's face is turning to the other side. Sigh!
Aisha terhantuk kepala Irfan, lepas tu dia nak marah. Hahaha
Aisha dah distracted by other things.
Irfan is quite heavy. For mama to hold him still ibarat mencabar jugak
Trying to pujuk the lil girl for our few last shots.
Back to action!!
Oh. Not to forget, one picture with Irfan

Actually, I am about to enter 40 weeks of pregnancy. Seriously, ni la pregnancy paling lama. Walaupun bersabar je, tapi kadang-kadang pujuk juga baby keluar cepat sebab kaki da start sakit, jalan macam penguin, tidur 2-3 jam je sebab tak selesa, rasa mual nak muntah, badan letih dan paling tak tahan sakit belakang. Tapi, sabar itu indah kan.

Soon.. In shaa Allah. Doakan kami please semoga semuanya sihat sempurna and I will get to experience my dream birth. Amin

Dalam pada tu, untuk kawan-kawan yang sedang hamil, jom baca pengalaman saya dalam kelas Hypnobirth bersama Nadine Ghows. Seronooookkk...

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