September 11, 2016

Raya 2016


Ampun maaf sangat-sangat, please don't get irritated with my overdue Raya post. Dah musim haji dah pun kan. Haha!! Sejak ada rombakan dekat office dan pertukaran job scope, kerja macam tak pernah habis, tak dapat nak luangkan masa dengan blogging.

It has been a tough 2 months since Ramadhan where we've been tested emotionally and mentally. Mana taknya, berdepan dengan manusia yang ada masalah mental memang menguji kesabaran. Tapi kita percaya je dengan kifarah Allah. Mungkin harini dia berjalan mendabik dada, mendongak ke langit, tapi esok lusa dia mungkin level tapak kaki kita je. But all praises to Allah, we went through it very well. So, being able to celebrate our Syawal this year with both families is a blessing.

Our Syawal started like any other year. My family and I gathered early in the morning, solat raya and salam raya together, makan-makan lauk raya and lastly photo session with the whole family.  Lepas tu semua hilang pergi rumah mertua masing-masing. Tinggallah mama papa dating  berdua. Hee~~

As for us, before headed to my in-law's we stopped by beraya at my aunt's house. We were so lucky with the traffic, smooth je! We reached Malacca approximately at 4 pm. Throughout our stay in Malacca, we jalan and beraya. It was a great 3 days and 2 nights stay with the in-laws. Tapi, masih tak dapat nak makan asam laksa baba nyonya kat Jonker 88. Sigh! 

And now, Syawal has already ended. We would like to express our gratitude to our relatives and friends for the open house raya invitations, weddings and aqiqah ceremony. We had fun meeting and spending time with each and everyone of you and the food was our most favourite part. Till then, bye..
Family photo di pagi raya
Ehem. Hee~~
'In-law' is just a word. But our relationship are like sisters. We argue, we laugh and we cry together. 

Kekakak ipar. Kitorang memang kepoh macam ni. Hahaha! 

So, these are the gentlemen in our family. 

Jom balik Melaka... 
We started our 2nd day of raya by visiting my friend here., Mama Garfield.
Pictures were taken right behind my in-laws house. 
Petang raya kedua, kita jalan-jalan Melaka

Aisha excited dapat main pasir kat Klebang

Irfan layan selfie dengan Mama 


And so the next day we headed back to KL. Again, traffic was smooth. 
Our happiness & joy. 
Berjalan raya rumah Azri & Hana
Then, berjalan raya rumah Akem & Farah

Another weekend with invitations. Here we are at Edruce's Aqiqah
And then to Amer & Alia's open house
The next weekend, we end our raya weekend with Sa'a open house, meeting and update sesh with Aina.
And that's how we end our Raya month. There are also wedding & family gathering we've attended. 
Till then, Selamat Hari Raya (belated) from us.

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