July 13, 2011

Heart Game #3

My daily horoscope told me to try to discuss whatever is on my mind with the right people today, even if it starts out uncomfortably. It says that my energy is just right for speaking truth to the right people, and they are ready to hear it.

Can i rely on this??


  1. No darling. Horoscopes is haram. Hukum kalau percaya is syirik - dosa yang sebesar besar dosa dan takkan diampunkan. Kalau baca je pun "for fun" or for any other reasons without intending to believe in it, ibadah tak diterima 40 hari. Astaghfirullah

  2. tak boleh ye naquiah? ok ok. i tak ikut apa yang horoscope tu ckp. and skg, i nak baca pun taknak... terima kasih sbb ajar i bnd baru tau kakak... u sentiasa penasihat agama terbaik i.. muahxxxx!!!!!