July 19, 2011

BusyWorld #5

This is my third week of working at IJN! Alhamdulillah, everything is great here, except for the massive workload. But, thank God! I get the chance to work with greatest, funniest, and craziest people!! They are seriously mad people, and this includes my Senior Manager tau!

What surprises me kan, I gained weight! 1.5kg in 12 days?? Like seriously ke? I wonder what my weight would be for the next 12 months! Well, I easily get hungry at work. Nothing I can do about it.

I had a busy week recently. Mainly due to the process of ‘audit follow-up’ from one department to another. But, I am okay with that. My colleagues do support me much, and I don’t feel stress working with them.

Thank you, En Afendi, En Izan and Mira!


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