July 15, 2011

detik 11.11.11 #4

Time flies so fast, I even didn't realized that only 4 months left before the big day. My big day i repeat! O Allah! Am I ready for this? I know, I am the one who get so excited to get married at first. But, as time passes, as thruth reveales, as problem arises, this marriage thing is too tough to even talk about.

And most of all, I can't share the feelings inside with others. I just can't. I know, my friends will always there to at least listen to me. It's all because, I even not able to configure what is going on with me. Is it me or the external forces?

I just leave it to Allah. He knows what's best.


  1. huhuhu kau lagi 4 bulan. aku yang lagi seminggu ni lagi la. macam macam fikir. huhuhu u should talk with someone that have been there [in the situation]. like ur SIL or mum. =)

    yang benar,
    fatin fasihah mazelan

  2. hurm. simpan sendiri mungkin lebih baik!