April 17, 2012

That Person

At times I feel so profoundly annoyed by that person’s attitude. That person, without fail, constantly reminds me of the things that apparently he/she has done or accomplished. I mean, are you really so oblivious to your own loathly behavior and demeanor? I know you have prodigious experience in the working world, but did you ever notice your deportment towards others? Sometimes, just by listening to your voice makes me utterly sick and tired with disgust! I used to hate that person abundantly. Yet, I just realized that this hatred gets me nowhere beneficial or worthwhile. Hence, that being said, despite how repugnant this ultimately makes me feel, I have decided to resign myself to simply let him/her rant his/her garbage infused nonsenses and laugh inside while he/she make a fool of his/her already foolhardy self

1 comment:

  1. dem!at first, i thought it was me!!..but then again, i no work. muehehehehe!!!

    p.s: come on dear D!!!u can do it!!!