October 18, 2010

what makes you want to get married at an early age?

We were just now talk about why would people like to get married at an early age, say 22. Some people might say, ‘oh, it’s cool to get married early, we can have babies, expressing loves and all’. But some might say, ‘hey, we still young. Have fun, don’t get married early or later u might get divorced before 30’.
Hurm. Then, I ask myself, why do I want to get married? Well, I shall say, I want to be closer with him. Or else, it’s because, I’m engaged! So why should I wait for 5 more years, right?
While driving back home, I think again. Should I get married at an early age? Is it my destiny? Am I sure about getting married?
And I shall say, it is a YES!
Reasons? I fall in love with him, not only because he is charming, nice smile, but also his warmth hearts, his sincere soul, his kindness. I know he can guide me to be a better person, better ‘muslimah’. Women and men are created to fill each others’ emptiness and weaknesses. He completes me in every way and so do I.
I would never be ready for a huge responsibility of being someone’s else wife. But life is a learning process, right? I should take the risk.! And I’m ready for THIS.!
p/s : my dear, naquiah.. i xterasa pun.. i posted this to tell him that i'm ready to be married to him. (",). i xterasa pun~~ after all, at least i have something to write here.. right?


  1. haha.. langsung?? xtau lagi bila.. kau dulu kot fatin..~

  2. ehem2...keep it low profile please. :p

  3. opss...tuan punya diri dah komen gak. agagaga~
    aku pun rasa aku dulu. haha.


  4. fatin :. mmg kau dulu pun... bila majlis langsung kau??

    fandy : sy low profile la ne. xd pun bgtau tarikh tu~

  5. heheheh~
    ha,fatin ble?
    kteorg blh dtg x?

  6. divorce or not is based on pasangan tu punya tangan.
    divorce jadi bila ada problem.
    and how to solve problem is the most important in marriage life.

    so that.
    tak salah kalau kahwin awal.
    if dah bersedia,stabil dan cukup kuat untuk hadap cabaran perkahwinan.kan?;)

    niat yang murni buat apa nak di halang-halang.

  7. huhuhu. fandy, jemput datang. dah invite darleen pun kat event in fb.

    err...mejlis aku? tataw. biar parent bincang. memang taun depan la.

    p/s : see. ada yang membaca ur blog ni. hee~


  8. im her schoolmate a long time ago.
    doesnt know whether she still remember or not.

    and im happy bila tengok kawan-kawan happy.

  9. fatin : yes yes.. kami akan datang majlis kau..

    ochs widdle : hye.. u r my schoolmate? which school? i think, i need ur real name .. (",)
    anyways, thanks for the advice.

  10. larr...xkan tak kenal aku if tikl?


  11. yups.

    fatin mazelan.
    i know you.
    but dunno la u remember me lagi ke tak?hiks.

    betul ke u gonna get married?
    macam tak percaya jer.hehe

  12. nisa duk sebelah yan ke?
    belum la. tunang je. hee~
    silalah percaya. ngee~

  13. yela.duduk belakang kau kan dalam kelas.
    kalau tak salah.haha.

    ok apa.
    moga selamat segalanya sehingga ke jinjang pelamin.
    nanti kawen jemputlah.
    tapi kalau tak jemput pun takpe.huhu.

  14. insyaALLAH jemput semua. =)

  15. wahaha..leen ade blog upenyee..hehehehe

    get marry when you are ready.

    plus, it does not make any different actually to get married earlier..what difference does it makes?rite?

    p.s:kawen tak ajak aku, aku karate tengkuk ko

  16. haha.. badek.. aku ingat kau da tau.. dang~~

    anyways.. thanks.. hey, find someone to love tau... and i hope she's really worth to be urs..

    p/s : mst la aku ajak kau bila kawen nnt..! pergh..