March 22, 2012

To that person I know...

To that person I know,

The day that I called you, you said you knew nothing about a ‘backstabbing’ issue, and I believed you. That same weekend I asked her “What is going on?” she responded by saying that I purposely talked bad behind her to her one and only best friend. Truth be known, this astounded and aggrieved me. Astonished, I wondered, did I? Did I purposely say to her that thing I told you? So it got me curious, what had you actually told her? This is not how I intended this to go, let alone end this way. We both know what each other said. My husband was there too, and thus he is as well stunned. Did you tell her what you actually said to me about her? Definitely not, right?

Until today, I never said a word from what you told me about her that day. And my husband said “Let it be.”, as you are worth nothing to be fought for. Still, deep in my heart, I am unmistakably upset with everything that happened and all that is happening right now. I don’t get you. Why so selfishly egocentric? You try to win her heart by telling what I said and keep hidden what you yourself said instead and in doing so making me the bad person. Why? Because you desire pursuing her as she is prettier, sexier, smarter, and I am just an ordinary girl? Perfect!

I am sorry for not attending your party but at least I remember I texted you to wish you. Sadly, there was no reply. Well what did you expect for my being absent? That I should have come to your party still, while inside I feel so hurt? I think it is better for me to disappear than being frustrated.

Well, I am expecting a baby now, yet not a single word from you let alone sincere congratulation and concern. Is this your revenge?


To that other person I know,

I believe that I have texted you with a “Sorry.”. But actually it was my mistake when I tried to defend myself to begin with. If only you can see how egoistic and unprofessional you are! You go on blaming me while refusing to listen to reason. I can admit your anger at that time. So, suit yourself. I have done my part by apologizing.

And just to let you know, if you think that I don’t feel a thing by your tasteless profanities: ‘backstabber’, ‘meroyan’, and much more, then you are mistaken. I might act unaffected and indifferent but you will never know how much it hurts me. And when you decided not to discuss with me on anything, I can do nothing. Since I am clearing the air, when you said I am not worth it, even more so are you for you are lower than dirt value. Just like you said, it is better to judge yourself than be quick to judge others. When you dared claim “The culture here is putting blame on others.” It does not give you the license to freely speak without first prove with facts. And one thing that really disappointed me was how you were aware of me knowing all the things you are responsible for now, but because of egoism, you denied asking from me and overlooked any form of discussion. Is this what you call professionalism?

Well girl, look at yourself. You are saying that I backstabbed you and whatsoever, but really it was everything you yourself said that backfire. What goes around comes around. You should know that it is not only you looking at others, but also others looking at you right back. So quit judging. And this shall end here, because there is nothing more I would yearn saying after this.

If you choose to keep playing or create this dumbfounding “game”, go right ahead. Right now, my time is too precious to play around with adolescents. I have a beautiful family to take care of and cherish, and any time I have aside is for my self-improvement. Today I decided to give charity and make time to write to your imprudent self simply for my betterment. Because in my conscience, there are some things never cleared before which requires clarification for I refuse to end up with a tainted reputation like you. This is the first and will be the last of me saying anything as there is no more care for a foolish person like you who pretends to be true and in all honesty, I am done trying to help you.



  1. harap orang yang berkenaan baca entry ni, huhu
    sabar ye..(=

  2. jangan stress sangat babe. tak hepi baby tu nanti :D